YouTube Ad Targeting Options That Help Expand Your Reach

YouTube Ad Targeting Options That Help Expand Your Reach

So you’re ready to start advertising on YouTube. Don’t know where to start creating target audiences for YouTube? Today’s blog is just for you. Let’s take a look at three YouTube ad targeting options that will help expand your reach.

Target Audiences by a YouTube Remarketing List

Perhaps the easiest place to start ad targeting is with the people who are already familiar with your business. Testing ads with your current audience will let you know if YouTube is a good platform for your audience. 

If you are running a remarketing list for search ads, display, or discovery campaigns, we’ve got good news. You likely already have audiences created in a Google Ad account, which will save you some time here. If not, no biggie. You can create a new audience in the Audience Manager. 

The Audience Manager is found under Tools and Settings in the top navigation bar. From here you can create four types of audiences–website visitors, app users (with Google Analytics), YouTube users, and customer list. 

Target Audiences by Specific Placements

You have six main placement targeting options to choose from:

  • YouTube Channels–your ad will appear on any video on the selected channels.
  • YouTube Videos–if you don’t want your ad to appear on every video, you can choose the ones you want to run it in here.
  • Websites in Google’s Display Network–this option takes your ads off of the YouTube network and onto third-party sites.
  • Video lineups–these pre-built audience segments are based on interests and user behaviors that are country specific. This option is available for campaigns using tCPM or max conversions bid strategy. 
  • App categories–your ad could appear on any app falling within a specific category.
  • Apps–here you can choose individual apps that best fit your target audience.

The best way to decide which placements work best for your audience is to research the available options by either creating a new ad group or visiting the Placements report in your current add group. You can search placements using keywords, website URLs, or YouTube video IDs.

Target Audiences by Custom Segments

If you aren’t happy with the current options offered by Google Ads for YouTube. You can create your own custom audiences using custom segments. Custom segments work for any industry because they are built from keyword phrases, URL names, and app names. Your custom segments are based on user interests and behaviors. 

By creating custom segments you are telling Google to target users interested in specific domains and apps. When you use keyword targeting to create custom segments, keyword inputs are based on recent searches on Google and YouTube. 

To create custom segments, you’ll head back over to the Audience Manager. From there you’ll choose Custom Segments and then click on the blue plus button to begin building your segment. Always choose “People who searched any of these terms on Google” option for a custom segment with deeper intent. From here, you’ll start building a list of keywords you’ve chosen to build up your audience. The more keywords you add, the more high-level insights will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. 

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