Will Facebook Paid Ads Pay Off?

rabbit-alice-in-wonderland.jpgWhile the rest of the world loves the tale of Alice in Wonderland, it’s one of the few children’s tales that give me an anxiety attack. Alice, in her boredom, follows a rabbit down its hole and from there her adventure is one nonsensical event after another. Most of you have seen the movie, and while you may love it, you must admit, there is no point. Alice does, at least, have a little more patience for her lessons after this dream.

Many businesses and nonprofits find Facebook ads to be much like Alice’s rabbit hole. They jump in, spending five dollars here and twenty dollars there enjoying the excitement of likes, shares, clicks and impressions. Yet three months or six months down the road, they realize they’ve spent hundreds of dollars and have no idea what they’ve received in return.

I dislike Alice in Wonderland because it lacks purpose other than entertainment. When it comes to your organization or business’s hard earned money, you can find better entertainment than pouring your dollars down the Facebook  paid ads drain. So before you click “boost” on one more post, hold your clicking finger for a minute and think through this a little bit.

What do you hope to accomplish by boosting a post?

Ad boosts can be great for exposure and name recognition. If your business conducts online sales, boosting a popular post could very well increase sales of a particular item. Sometimes you just need a little warm and fuzzy name recognition to increase page likes or post engagement. But just like any other advertising, keep track of how much you spend each month on these boosts and the results. Set yourself a limit so you don’t spend thousands of dollars a month on name recognition ads one boost at a time when you’d never agree to spending that much up front.

Spending money on social media ads can be great ways to highlight specific products or services, increase attendance at an event or drive click-throughs to your website where visitors can learn more about your organization or register for updates. Using paid ads to promote the warm and fuzzy PR slant of your organization may not be your best bet.

Once you know for sure spending money on ads will benefit your company or nonprofit organization, know which type of ad you want to run and the way to make the most of your dollars spent.

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Do you want to boost a post or create an ad?

Boosting a post is quick and easy. You can choose the types of people you want to see your post and manage it all from your Facebook page. Boosting posts charge you per impression, which means you pay for every set of “eyeballs” that sees your ad. It’s a great option if you want to:

  • Increase engagement
  • Increase awareness
  • Increase page likes

If you want more control over your ads, want to see how different ads perform and determine your marketing objective, you’re better off to use Facebook’s ad dashboard. Here you pay only when someone takes the action you want (like clicking through to your website, signing up for an event or downloading your app).

We prefer to manage paid ads through the dashboard because you can see exactly what you are spending and in which areas you are spending. You can also create more detailed audiences through the ads manager. The ads manager is a good option if you want to:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Collect leads
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Increase event attendance

We have used and continue to use Facebook ads for several of our nonprofit clients as well our retail and B2B clients. Just like any other advertising, however, the ads work best if you have a specific, measurable goal in mind. Has your business or nonprofit run ads on Facebook? How successful were they?


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