Why Twitter Should Play a Bigger Role in Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

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With an uncertain future looming in Facebook marketing land, we’re not only recalibrating our Facebook marketing strategy, we’re shifting some of our focus to those other social media networks. Facebook is still the current king of social media sites, but platforms like Twitter and Instagram hold their own with steady user growth that increases year after year. Let’s look at why Twitter should play a bigger role in your social media marketing plan.


The latest statistics indicate usership continues to grow year after year. Currently, an estimated 330 million people actively use the social network each month. Here’s a few more stats you should know:

  • According to Twitter, the #1 reason people use the platform is to “discover something new and interesting.”
  • Hundreds of millions of Tweets are sent each day, but most users are there to find something–more than 2 billion queries are performed each day.
  • 80 percent of users are millennials, who also make up the majority of online shoppers. A whopping 67% of millenials are ecommerce shoppers.
  • 53% of Twitters users are “early adopters,” a term known in business and marketing industries referring to people who are the first to try a new product or technology. 64% of users are more likely to influence purchases than users on other platforms.
  • Users are more likely to have above-average income. 35% of users make more than $75,000 per year.
  • 21% of the 69 million Americans on Twitter are adults.
  • Twitter is a leader in live-streaming, a feature that continues to gain momentum across all major social sites. Video viewership on Twitter grew 220x’s in 12 months.
  • 80 percent of users access Twitter on a mobile device. That means most people on Twitter are on-the-go users which also means they are accessing content anytime, anywhere.


After reading those stats, it’s no wonder why major companies regularly use Twitter to market their brands. I mean, why wouldn’t businesses want to use a site whose users are focused on discovering the next big thing?


Before you jump on the Twitter train, remember that no two social media sites are exactly the same which is why your social media marketing strategy should be uniquely tailored to each platform. In part two of this blog series, we’ll take a look at what sets Twitter apart for marketing compared to other social sites, as well as the basics on what should be included in your marketing plan. In the meantime, download our Social Media Checklist to help you design a strategy that works.










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