Why Fluffy Social Media Content is Serious Business

Each month we create social media calendars for our clients. More than half of those are medical clinics which means we’ve become quite adept in the art of social media marketing for urgent and primary care clinics. 

Our clients have two goals for their social media: increase patient visits and educate patients about medical issues. If we stick to content solely focused on those two goals, we end up with a kinda boring social media calendar. And anyone who’s studied Facebook’s algorithm at all knows boring equals low reach. So we punch up the fun factor with memes and gifs. 

On occasion, a client has questioned how this “fluff” content promotes their clinic’s real message. The simple answer is fluffy content reaches and engages more followers. Facebook’s algorithm weights engagement more heavily than other measures. Content with high engagement rates equals more relevant content which prompts Facebook to show your organic content to more of your followers.

In more simple terms, a meme, gif, or funny video that has nothing to do with what your clinic offers can help increase your page’s overall engagement and reach. Higher engagement and reach leads to more followers who see your not-so-fluffy posts in their feed as well.

Higher reach and engagement not enough incentive? Fluffy, fun posts help “serious” businesses like medical clinics and even attorney’s offices seem a bit more human. That human side often draws clients from one business to another. 

Guidelines for Sharing Lighter Posts

Know your audience and your voice. We’ve looked at a lot of memes. Let us warn you many of them run past the PG-13 rating straight into R or NC17. Maybe your audience enjoys more risque posts or your voice makes a meme with a curse word not a big deal, if you aren’t sure, we suggest playing it safe rather than sorry. A badly played meme can do much more damage than good.

Use Common Sense. We shouldn’t have to say it, but we will just to be clear. A meme making fun of the weather is funny. Memes making fun of people, especially marginalized people, is mean. 

Be relevant. Look for memes or gifs that relate to your geographic area, the season, or your industry.

Believe us when we say fluff, when used wisely, can offer much more than a laugh for your Facebook followers. It could actually lead to new patients walking through your doors today. 

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