What is Facebook Watch?

 In our recent blog, Facebook Ads and the New Algorithm, we briefly discussed advertising in Facebook Watch. But what exactly is Facebook Watch? How is it different from Facebook Live! or simply posting a pre-recorded video to your wall? Can anyone post videos to Watch? Should you be moving your videos to Watch?


As we tried to find the answers in our own inquiries about Facebook’s latest feature, we realized our clients probably had similar questions about Watch, which led to today’s blog. Here’s an overview of what we know so far:

  • Facebook Watch showcases videos exclusive to Facebook.
  • Watch is sort of a mashup of YouTube, Twitter, and traditional television.
  • Your personal Watch feed is currently based upon what your friends are watching and content is categorized based on reactions to the video. For instance, videos with a majority of LOL reactions are categorized into a “What’s Making People Laugh” feed.
  • Like YouTube, Facebook will feature a “Watchlist” where you can find new episodes of your favorite shows, as well as view saved videos.
  • Facebook’s ultimate goal is to create a sustainable ad-supported video platform while allowing users to upload videos completely free.


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Like Twitter, Watch features community live watching–which means viewers can interact and connect with other viewers during the video. Watch also emulates YouTube’s objective of supporting professional content creators with “save” and “follow” features, as well as a portion of ad revenue. In addition to user-created content, Watch features series that have real actors and actual story arcs in attempt to grab the attention of those who love binge-watching Netflix and Hulu.


At the moment, content creation for Facebook Watch is limited to publishers and creators selected by Facebook. Users who hope their content will become part of Watch must first apply and be approved by Facebook. Basically, getting your content on Watch is kind of like finding a job–you have to apply and wait to be chosen–or not.


Don’t let the last tidbit discourage you. Facebook plans to make Watch available for all users in the near future. However, those who get in on the ground floor, so to speak, are likely to garner a more successful following for their Watch channels than those who wait for Watch to become open to all. In other words, apply now to be added to Watch’s lineup, and in the meantime, starting hashing out plans for your videos.


Though it is still unclear whether or not Facebook Live! Videos will become part of Watch’s lineup, we strongly recommend developing a clear-cut strategy and schedule for your proposed channel. For now, Facebook prefers to promote meaningful, carefully developed posts in their feed opposed to content that is hastily thrown together or copied and pasted from another user. Since user behavior will be used to promote Watch content, you want to ensure your work is not only engaging, but geared to the target audience you hope to gain.


Navigating a marketing strategy through an ever-changing Facebook can be daunting. At Momentum Consulting, we make it our mission to stay up-to-date on the latest changes with Facebook so we can help you develop a social media marketing plan that gets results. We offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your Facebook marketing strategy. Request your consultation now!.



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