What is Digital Marketing Personalization?

Ever wondered why some social media and search engine ads seem to be quite literally made for your eyes to see? That’s digital marketing personalization at work. 

Digital marketing personalization. It seems simple, right? It’s digital marketing individually personalized to match your customers’ interests, needs, and habits. 

Sounds great but you’re probably wondering who gathers and sorts all that customer information to create personalized content. The answer is you! You are the lucky one who gets to gather this data but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of help. We hate to ruin that vision of you interviewing each and every customer with a series of personal questions but gathering data is much simpler. Today’s technology makes gathering customer data so simple it will hardly feel like any work at all.

How Customer Data is Gathered and Sorted

Much of today’s customer data is gathered online when they fill out communication request forms, order forms, and other forms on your website. Information can even be gathered from responses to social media and search engine ads. Technology like geofencing can also be used to gather data. 

If you meet with customers face-to-face with a brick and mortar location or through individual appointments, you gather information during your interactions. And we’re not just talking about the standard customer information checklist of data. We’re talking about making note of personal facts you pick up about your customers, like if they have children, what type of work they do, and any needs they have. All of this information will be used to build buyer personas, which are necessary for building personalized marketing campaigns. 

Gathering customer information is only the first step in digital marketing personalization. The latest marketing technology is used for sorting customer data. Customer data platforms, better known as CDPs, are tools used to create unified customer profiles using data gathered from multiple online and offline sources. Unlike customer relationship management tools, or CRMS, customer data platforms also gather information from anonymous people to create profiles. 

Time to Get Personal

Once customer profiles are gathered from a CDP, your marketing team is ready to begin creating content based on the information found in the data. Everything from ad graphics and text to blog topics can be planned to target specific audiences made from customer profiles. 

Why Personalization Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing personalization isn’t just a suggested added bonus for your marketing strategy–it’s a necessity. Personalization has been proven to drive better lead generation, increase sales conversions, and keep website visitors around longer, among other benefits. 

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