Video forms: Which is best for your brand?

Video marketing is hot right now, but how do you implement a video marketing campaign for your business? Let’s start with the format options which include short-form, long-form, and snackable videos. 

What’s the Difference? 

Google defines anything under ten minutes to be short-form video while anything over ten minutes is long-form video. Like Lemon Light discusses, short-form videos can be anything from the four-minute movie trailer you watched or that seven-minute how-to YouTube video. On the other hand, long-form video can be the content you watch on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Long-form videos can also be video podcasts, webinars, or live Q&As. 

But what are the super short videos that are seconds long? Those are snackable videos. Snackable videos can be Snapchats, TikToks, Instagram Reels or even Facebook Stories. The snackable videos get straight to the point, and they tend to go viral before short-form and long-form video content. 


Which Should I Use?

When it comes to digital marketing, snackable videos should always have a place in your strategy. Humans have short attention spans — in fact, it tends to be around eight seconds long. So, when you are trying to grab their top of mind awareness while they are scrolling on social media, it is easier to do with a brief video. Not to mention, they are easier to make. Whether you have a full production or your social media manager makes short Snapchat stories of the people in the office, snackable videos are the perfect go-to for video content. 

The next type of videos is short-form. Short-form videos are great for informational content which fits well on your website, email campaigns, or even sometimes social media. These videos don’t have to be nine minutes long. In fact, short-form videos are at their best when they are around a minute and a half long. Compared to the snackable’s seconds long content, short-form adds valuable time to explain more or to develop a more in-depth narrative, but it also isn’t a huge time commitment like long-form videos require.

The last type of video is long-form. Long-form videos function best when they focus on more of a narrative than informational theme. Content that works well as long-form includes interviews, webinars, Q&As, and detailed how-tos. In some situations, branded content does really as long-form videos, but this format is difficult to pull off and requires a lot more time and creativity.

In conclusion, video content comes in three different types. The types include short-form, long-form, and snackable videos. Short-form is anything under ten minutes while long-form is anything over ten minutes. Snackable content is only seconds long. With that being said, snackable videos are great for social media like TikTok, short-form videos are great for informational videos for your website, and long-form videos are great for narrative such as interviews. If you still don’t know which one is best for your brand, that is completely okay! Give Momentum Consulting a call at 662-416-8674 to start discussing how the different forms of video can help bring you closer to your business goals. 


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