Using Original Photos for Your B2B Website

Using Original Photos for Your B2B WebsiteWith each new year comes new and ingenious ways to connect with our customers. In a recent blog post, we detailed the changes B2B websites can expect within the next year. Using original photos definitely ranked on that list of changes, but why? Let us explain.

In the past (and present), many companies use stock photos on B2B websites to create visual interest. While stock photos definitely have their benefits, customers have shifted to a more personal approach when choosing businesses to work with. Original photos provide the opportunity for customers to get to know you but also a chance for you to show them what your company is really like. Go for authenticity. Here are our tips.

-Have professional photos taken 2 or 3 times a year. Hire a professional photographer to come out to your office or on location and take some genuine photos of you and your staff naturally interacting. This will give your business’ personality to your website. It makes you ‘real’ to the customer instead of a stock photo.

-Take photos day to day with your iPhone. See Charlotte working away on her computer with a perfectly clean desk? (Charlotte is a neat freak, what can we say?) Snap a few shots of her in her natural environment. You can use these on the website or even on your social media. The image used in this blog was taken in about 30 seconds. We think it looks pretty good.

-Stage photos in the office. So Charlotte is a neat freak, but James works best with a pile of clutter. Arrange his desk to look presentable, then take some shots. Do this throughout the office. Just remember to stay as professional and clean cut as possible. You don’t want to be cheesy.

-Think about what photos your website needs or what your customers want to see on social media. Have your staff be on the lookout for these opportunities to catch those moments.

-Be creative. You don’t have to be a pro to take great photos. Think about what you like to see on websites you frequent and apply those likes to your photo taking abilities. Is your building beautifully landscaped? Photograph it for your website! The images don’t have to just be of your staff, and they don’t have to just be in the office. Is there a cute restaurant nearby? Get your staff to have dinner there and snap a few shots (this could also be a great stage for the professional photographer).

-Keep these tips in mind when taking photos with your iPhone (or Android).

– Use both hands for stability.
– Don’t zoom. The quality of your image decreases significantly. Get closer instead.
– Lighting is key. No one wants to do business with the Addams Family, so make sure your photos aren’t dark. On the flip side, don’t take photos in sunny, direct light. These these create harsh shadows.
– Take the photos at the level of their sight, unless you are going from some great angle. For example, if James is sitting at his desk, try different heights to produce the best

Remember keep the photos a true representation of your staff and your company. Customers are searching for authenticity, not gimmicks. For more inspiration on thinking outside of the box, check out our blog on changes to expect for B2B websites in 2015.

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