Your B2B Website Needs a Redesign… Or Does It?

Your B2B Website Needs a Redesign… Or Does It?

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Websites are like homes: the design and content gets a little outdated over time. Just like your home, your B2B website has a few options for updating: freshen it up a bit, remodel it, or sell it and move.

Your decision depends a lot on your needs and how much you want to drive traffic to the website for your B2B business. We have a couple of clients who are either currently finishing website redesigns or looking at the option of a website redesign. We start the discussion with a few questions:

    1. When was the last time you redesigned your site and what platform are you using? It’s possible only the design is outdated, but your platform (like WordPress or Joomla) is still a current, viable option. It’s also possible you’re using an old platform that doesn’t offer more modern designs or that is harder to update and navigate.

    2. What do you want your website to do? Obviously you want to wow prospects and customers when they visit your site. Other than show off some snazzy design, what functions do you need to have? Do you need your customers to be able to view or pay invoices online? Do you want online ordering? Maybe a log-in section where customers or subscribers can access prime content? Answer the question “What new function will increase traffic to my B2B website?” Know before you start what you want your site and your host to provide for you.

    3. Have you made big changes or shifts in your company since your site was last redesigned? If you change your logo a year after a site redesign, it’s possible your designer can incorporate the new logo and any color changes without a big shift in the overall design. If, however, your company is adding or dropping an entire department, focus or brand, it might be worth considering if a site change to reflect that shift is in order.

    4. Is your site converting customers? If you just shrugged your shoulders, then the problem may not be the site design. Installing Google analytics can be an easy (and free) way to track where prospects are finding your site and what they are viewing. Answering questions like: what’s driving traffic to my B2B website and are they moving beyond the homepage? Decide what action you want a prospect to take on your page and talk to your webmaster or marketing department about options. You can also use a unique phone number on your site and track how many calls you receive on that number.

If after answering these questions, you know you need a complete site overhaul, don’t jump in too quickly. Be prepared before contacting a web design firm.

  • Research with the top platforms and companies designing sites in your industry.

  • Keep a running list of links to sites you like and what you like about them (design, graphics, content, voice, navigation).

  • Know what functions you want your site and/or host to offer: blog, email integration, marketing email templates, customer log-ins, e-store, social media integration, etc.

Also, don’t let flashy SEO companies or web design firms fool you with any of these SEO myths your old or new website are better off without.