The Social Media Checklist for Your Business

The Social Media Checklist for Your Business

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“It really can’t be that difficult,” he said as he ran one hand through his hair and held onto his coffee cup for dear life with the other hand. “We post to social media and we get results, but we just can’t seem to get a handle on the consistency.”

This business owner, like many others we’ve met, knows social media can work. In fact, in the latest report by Social Media Examiner found 92% of marketers reports social media is important to their business. However, keeping a consistent presence on the right platforms, isn’t as easy it should be. We’re sharing our tried and true strategy for punching up your social media with a consistent voice and engagement response.

Limit Your Platforms

You can’t do everything. Know what platforms cater to your customers and make it a priority to focus your efforts. We suggest companies struggling with juggling many platforms should limit themselves to two or three of the most important social media channels for them. (If you’re a non-profit, read about how to choose the right social media for your non-profit.)

Be consistent

Spend a little time once a week planning out what you will post each day that week. You can use a program like HootSuite to schedule posts ahead of time if that helps you. You won’t have to struggle every day to find great content when you’ve already posted it for the whole week.

Keep one eye on social

Scheduling social sounds easy but don’t schedule and forget about it. Keep your eyes open daily for interesting stories, updates or pictures you could share on social. Just because you’ve scheduled content for the week, doesn’t mean you can’t add to it. It takes some time to start thinking social every day. Set a reminder on your phone or leave a note where you’ll see it. Make it a goal to find one interesting social idea every day.

Think ahead

Every industry has special days, weeks and months each year. Know what yours are. Plan a month ahead for great graphics, case studies or related updates. Build up some social momentum leading up this month.

Engage your followers

Check in on your platforms daily. When you start to garner engagement, your followers will expect a timely response. The more you respond, even just a “like” on their comment, the more likely they are to comment again later. Don’t leave your followers waiting days for a response.

Need some help creating a process to keep your social media engine chugging along? We’re here to help.