Segmenting Your Email Marketing List

Segmenting Your Email Marketing List

phones dangling over a man's head; targeted email marketing

Over time sending general emails to your entire contact list can decrease your potency as a business. Open rates begin to fall, click-through rates drop, and you begin to wonder if B2B email marketing is still a good path for your business. The answer is yes, but not in the way you are currently using email marketing.

The time has come for a more targeted and specific approach. Buyers aren’t all the same and deserve specific treatment. As you are growing your email list, you also want to make sure the current contacts receive the information they need and want. Targeted email marketing basically means segmenting your contact list to smaller, more specialized lists so you can give your customers exactly what they need or want. But how do you use email segmentation? Well, it isn’t as hard as you might think.

Separate your customers into various email marketing lists by category. We will break it down for you, but remember that your business is unique, and you should do what is most beneficial for your company. 

Start with the customers that have ever made a purchase. After you have this list, be even more specific. Break it down into two smaller lists: who has recently made a purchase and who has taken their time purchasing again. Here is a breakdown of these lists: 

Customers who have made purchases
  • Last purchase < 6 months

  • Last purchase 6-18 months

  • Last purchase >  18 months

So what about the contacts who haven’t made a purchase? They go into a list as well (obviously). As we did with the buyers, break this list down into two smaller lists: who opens the email/visits the website and who never opens the email. Get ready for the breakdown, round two:

Contacts who have not made purchases
  • Open emails/Visit the website

  • Do not open emails 

There is a reason behind all of the breakdowns and lists. Once you have the lists, you can send specialized emails. For the ones who have made a recent purchase, send a thank you email expressing your gratitude. For the ones who open emails but never buy, send a coupon code to entice them to make a purchase. Targeted email marketing not only helps you have a conversation with your customers, but it helps you give them exactly what they need. Also, they won’t get bored with the monotony of constant, general emails. No one enjoys the same type of email over and over again.

Don’t forget to track the results and make adjustments to the lists according to those results. If you have questions, give us a call at 662-869-8665.