LinkedIn Tips for B2B Businesses and Nonprofits

LinkedIn Tips for B2B Businesses and Nonprofits

LinkedIn_BlogLinkedIn offers real potential for businesses to expand their reach and connect with their customers. Because it’s built with business in mind, users expect LinkedIn updates to be business content instead of pictures of what you had for supper last night.

So what does that mean for B2B businesses and nonprofits? Well, aside from the tips we gave in our previous blog about how to use LinkedIn for marketing, here are a few things you can do to spice up your business profile and stand out from the crowd. Remember, LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, is to show your expertise as a business in your specific industry and connect with those who are truly interested in your business and services. Use this knowledge to your advantage and tailor your marketing message to the audience that is on LinkedIn. Here’s how to start.

  1. Connect with the people. LinkedIn is all about making connections. It is the social media of networking groups. So add everyone you know. The more connections the better, but that doesn’t mean you need to go randomly adding people you have no connection or relation to. Choose the people you already know or make connections based on targeted specifics. Also, be nice and give deserved endorsements to those connections. You can use this as a chance to grow your email marketing list by inviting them to join after you connect. Start with a connection then build a relationship.

  2. Publish engaging content frequently. Just like other social media sites, you have to post frequently to have a voice on LinkedIn. Use it as a way to get your blogs and services out there to people. Also, share other articles you find interesting. Make sure the content you post slants toward solving a business problem or benefitting businesses instead of consumers.

  3. Be sure your employees have professional accounts. You don’t want your executive account manager to have a sketchy photo or a less than appealing profile. Offer incentives to your employees for beefing up their LinkedIn accounts. When people are researching your company, they will likely research your employees. Giving a face to your employees will make your company more personable which is what people are searching for now.

  4. Have contact information on your account. You would be surprised at how many companies fail to offer contact information on their social media sites. If you feel uncomfortable giving a phone number, set up a special email address (like to field inquiries or to connect with interested customers.

  5. Display professional photos or graphics. You will need a profile picture as well as a great banner photo. Don’t leave these blank. This is an opportunity for you to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Don’t forget to brand your profile with company colors and logos.

  6. Include your services. Just like people leave off contact info, they also leave out what services or products they provide. Don’t forget to include this! Just don’t, man.

  7. Use keywords. Yes, you read correctly. Keywords are still important, even on social media. Just as you take keywords into consideration when you are writing a blog or changing up your website you should be doing the same thing on your LinkedIn account.

  8. Join LinkedIn groups. You should join industry groups so you can stay up to date on what leaders in your industry are saying. You should also join groups focused on the industries of the markets you want to reach. You’ll learn about what’s happening in their world and how that could affect your company’s work inside that industry. For example, as an inbound marketing agency, we have joined many groups in marketing, advertising, and content creation.

We hope these tips help you make a stunning business LinkedIn.