Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Meet Word of Mouth Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Meet Word of Mouth Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Every business owner I know will tell you the best marketing is word of mouth. We can argue about inbound marketing vs outbound marketing until we are blue in the face. But no matter how fantastic your B2B website content or hboxing-546143_1280--outbound_vs_inbound_blogow beautiful your magazine ad or how well-placed your television commercial, word of mouth trumps them every time.

In Mississippi business, we put special emphasis on word of mouth marketing because of the “everybody knows everybody” world most of us have lived in for years. Before we buy from a company, we want to know they are credible and reliable. We ask our friends and family for suggestions on who to call and most of the time, we follow through with those suggestions.

In the last 7 ½ years of doing business with local companies and not-so-local companies (i.e. “companies up North”), I’ve created a lot of contacts and built a lot of relationships. When a prospect recently told me he needed some design work I referred him to a graphic designer who helps us out from time to time. If this referral is able to provide the services needed, it adds credibility to my name in front of the prospect–and hopefully takes us one step closer to working together.

As businesses, we aren’t living in an every-man-is-an-island kind of world. We benefit our clients and eventually our business by creating strong relationships with reputable companies who could supplement our work with our customers. No amount of B2B marketing can replace the benefits of a well-timed referral to someone who can solve your customer’s problem.

When was the last time you asked your customer about the next problem or challenge they are facing? Or do you usually get your order and run? What if you could offer a resource to solve your customer’s problem? Wouldn’t they be happier to see you the next time you drop in or call?

I enjoy being a connector of people. Part of what I love about the work I’m doing for companies and their B2B or non profit marketing campaigns is seeing how we can involve other business (especially Mississippi businesses because there’s nothing like doing work at home!). Being a resource makes us valuable beyond what we actually provide to our customers.

When was the last time you referred a business to someone looking for a resource or solution to a problem? Leave us a comment about how you followed up.