How to Give Your B2B Blogs Wings

How to Give Your B2B Blogs Wings

B2B website wingsLet’s say you’ve taken the time to write a blog post for your B2B website. You’ve created a rich and compelling story as full of reliable statistics and practical information as it is emotion. You considered your audience when writing your piece and you’re sure it’s going to be a hit. You press the publish button and voilà! It’s out there for everyone to see and you eagerly await the response you get. You come back a week later and find “gasp” no one read it! What went wrong?

You did nothing wrong when creating the blog, but let me ask you a couple of questions. How long did it take you to write your blog? One hour? Two hours?  Okay, now how much time did you spend distributing your blog? Distributing your content is much more than just pressing the publish button and waiting for hits.  It’s an integral part of good inbound marketing strategies. Remember, “If you write it they will come” never fully applies to online content. You have to guide people to your blog. How do you do this? There are a couple of ways.

Make your B2B blog findable

First of all, can your B2B blogs be found when you type it into Google or Bing? Go ahead and pull up Google and type in the name of your blog. We’ll wait……

Did you find it?

If not, then you’ll need to take steps to optimize your blog so that search engines can find it. While there are a lot of things we can’t control about where Google places our sites in search results since they keep their algorithms a secret, you can take some steps to have your blog SEO ready! Did you include relevant keywords in the title, body and meta description of your post. Do you have pictures? Does the alt-text of your pictures include your keywords?

Go Mobile with your B2B website

What about mobile? Cell phones are becoming the go to devices where people search for information. It’s estimated that more than 60 percent of all Google searches are now performed on mobile devices. If you’re website is not compatible with mobile devices, you’re losing a large part of your audience. (Not sure if your site is mobile friendly? Check it here.)

Link up

Include relevant internal and external links in your post. Link to other blog posts or your other site pages when appropriate. Linking to blog posts about related topics can guide readers who want to learn more to your other blog posts. Also, don’t be afraid to link to outside resources as well. Google webmasters encourage this, and it shows that you’ve done your research. But don’t go overboard. Too many links make your blog look spammy. At most, use one to two links per paragraph. Make sure these links are set to open in a new window, so when the reader finishes reading that article and closes the window, your article is still there for her to see again.

Make your B2B blog shareable

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account? Have you posted your blog to your social media pages? Sharing your content on social media is one of the easiest ways to distribute your content since your followers are already people who find your company and your services valuable.Promote your blog posts on as many platforms as possible and make it easy for your followers to share, retweet,and reblog you by adding social sharing buttons to your blog.  Placing these buttons on the top side bar will make it convenient for people to share even if they haven’t read the whole thing yet. Also try sharing the link to your blog where your audience is hanging out. LinkedIn Groups and Facebook groups are good starts. Not sure where your audience is hanging out online? Go to Quora and ask your question. You’ll find links to message boards and groups where you can share your content.

Leverage your Email

Do you have a list of leads with their contact info? Try sending your blog posts to your leads in an email. We create a lot of newsletters for our clients. When we do this we gather the best blogs we’ve written for the month and put them all in a single newsletter and send it to our clients’ contacts. Usually we send out newsletters once a month, which is what we recommend. Too many B2B emails can turn your audience off from engaging with you.

The more quality content you write the more likely you are of being found and your content being shared. The more it is shared, the more your blog will grow. The more your blog grows the more it will have an impact on your business. Follow these tips, share your content, make it findable and you’re sure to see a rise in the number of visits to your site.  Worried that people won’t find your website on Google? Download our free guide and avoid 10 of the worst SEO mistakes you could make.