How to Get Creative with Instagram and Facebook Stories

How to Get Creative with Instagram and Facebook Stories

Since its inception on Instagram in the spring of 2016, Instagram and Facebook Stories have become one of the most favored ways to post on social media for personal and business users alike. At first, the only posts available for Stories were images or short videos. Today, Instagram lets you get more creative than ever with a variety of post options and since the popular social app is integrated with Facebook, your stories can be shared on both platforms simultaneously. Take a look at our favorite ways to get creative with Stories.


Introducing a new product, extending your business hours, or have a new project in the works? Stories is a great place to make your announcement! You can create a static post using a bright background and fun font but since visual content pulls more views, we suggest putting together a quick video or creative image. Your videos don’t always have to be professionally shot and edited for Stories. Raw, authentic videos featuring you or your employees sharing the announcement live from your business are actually more likely to engage followers.


The Caron Gallery, a local art gallery in Tupelo, MS regularly collaborates with their artists to promote events and sales at the gallery. In this Insta story, Caron Gallery artist and potter Maria Hughes collaborated with the gallery to promote an upcoming class taught by Hughes. To check out Maria’s art and pottery, follow her on Instagram @m.hughes_art

Whether you’re a local business or a national brand, collaborations are a perfect way to get followers excited about your products or services. If you’re a retailer who’s hosting a product demonstration, ask the product company’s representative to do a simultaneous Stories video of the demonstration on their page. If that’s not doable, try taking the Influencer route instead. What’s an Influencer? Simply put, it’s someone who’s popular on social media and influences followers to try their favorite things. Influencers find success on local, national and international levels. Small businesses are more likely to get help from a local influencer. Where can you find local influencers? They’re everywhere! If you’re a clinic promoting new health goals in the new year, you might collaborate with a local gym owner who’s established themselves as a fitness expert. A retailer who sells athletic gear might consider collaborating with a local sports hero to promote new products in the store. Think of influencers whose influence, if you will, is somehow relevant to your business. 

Polls & Questions

Actress Vanessa Hudgens popped an interactive poll to her followers using Instagram Stories’ interactive features.

Did you know you can add polls and questions that your followers can actually answer on Stories? Talk about sending those engagement stats through the roof! Just make sure your polls are interesting, fun, and relevant to your audience and your brand. 

Hudgens’ followers chose their favorite horror icon, and like all great actresses, Vaness had a reaction ready so you really felt like you were interacting with her through the poll.


Want to make an announcement about an upcoming bigger announcement or get your followers excited about a future event or sale for your brand? Countdowns on Stories are the way to go. End the countdown by going live for your announcement or at the beginning of your event or sale. Are you selling a service that needs to be performed by a certain date or time of year, like tax preparation or pool openings? Stories are a fun way to remind your clients not to beat around the bush in scheduling an appointment with you. 


Challenges work well for a variety of brands, from nonprofits to fitness centers. Want to raise money for a specific need for your nonprofit by a certain date? Set daily or weekly challenges for your followers to help you reach the goal. Want to establish yourself as a fitness expert? Perform daily workout challenges on your Stories and encourage your followers to follow suit.

Stories Highlights

Have you noticed those little circles above your timeline on your Instagram profile? Those are Stories Highlights. Instead of stories that go away forever, you can archive them together on Highlights for your followers to view anytime. Highlights can be neatly organized by subject. Today’s top Insta users categorize their Highlights and even use graphic tools like Canva to create cover images for each Highlight. You don’t have to make covers but we do encourage you to take some time to organize your Stories. Highlights can be divided any way you see fit, just make sure the content of each Highlight has a relationship. For instance, if you’re a clothing retailer, you might divide your Highlights by season or collection. If you’re a multi-faceted business that offers both service and product, Highlights might be divided by each service or product you’ve featured in Stories.

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