How to be Unpopular with Your B2B Inbound Marketing Team

How to be Unpopular with Your B2B Inbound Marketing Team

William Shakespeare wrote, “Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.” According to a study  by the Fournaise Group, 80% of CEOs don’t trust their marketers. This is a good thing! Those marketers aren’t to be trusted! All that comes out of their mouths is a bunch of internet mumbo-jumbo. Forget recent findings stating firms that are better at marketing have nearly two-thirds higher market shares. What do researchers know, right? You know how to Facebook. You totally don’t need inbound marketing agency, and here are some ways to make sure you never work with one.

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#1 Don’t be open minded

If your B2B online advertising and marketing strategy has worked in the past, treat it as if it is written in stone. Stand your ground and don’t be flexible. If your strategy was good enough to work in the past, it’s good enough to work in the future. If your strategy didn’t work, remember you can always force it! In spite of what your marketers tell you, the market does not change, people’s preferences do not change, and your marketing strategy should never change!


#2 Demand content that you enjoy reading

If you enjoy reading it, everyone else in the world will enjoy it too. It’s also great if your content brags about how great your company is. It just makes you feel so awesome! Don’t worry. It’s not like you’re out to please your customers or anything.

 #3 Have “unrealistic expectations”

Marketers are lazy. They hide this laziness with terms like “long term goals” or “building trust.” Don’t let them fool you. If they say an initiative will take at least a year to succeed, give it 3-6 months tops. If you don’t see immediate results, scrap it and move on! 

#4 Never keep your marketers in the loop

There are studies that say that firms with higher marketing capabilities are more likely to include their CMOs in firm level-strategy meeting. Don’t believe these studies. They’re SEO propaganda. Your job is to build a sustainable business model, but your marketers will actively seek to destroy all your work. 

#5 Everything on the internet is free

If you want to grow an audience really fast, make sure you don’t invest any money into your online endeavors. Everyone uses the internet, and if your customers see that you’re are doing professional work, they’ll just think you’re trying too hard.

Seriously. Tongue and cheek aside, the fact that 80% of CEOs don’t trust their marketers is horrible. Lack of trust is usually brought about by a lack of communication. For any company to reach its full potential, there needs to be a good system of communication between all departments. This lack of communication prevents so many businesses from moving forward and realizing that potential.

B2B inbound marketing has become increasingly more complex in a very short amount of time, but marketing is also the driving force behind the growth of your company. If you really just despise marketers, you can take this article to heart, keep the cycle of miscommunication going, and watch your company plummet into the ground. If you want your company to accomplish great things, make your marketers some of the few people you trust.

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