Google Ads: Fraudulent Clicking

Google Ads: Fraudulent Clicking

“I don’t think pay-per-click advertising will work for me. What if my competitor clicks just to run up my rates?”


As a digital marketing agency who works with B2B websites and nonprofit websites, we have heard this worried statement so many times. When we bring up the possibility of using Google Adwords as a marketing tool, our clients balk at the idea. But fear not, dear readers! Google actually takes some serious precautions when it comes to fraudulent clicking.

What clicks classify as fraudulent clicks?

Invalid or illegitimate clicks include:

-Manual clicks intended to increase click costs.

-Clicks by automated software.

-Extra clicks that provide no value, like the second click of a double-click.

How does Google protect you?

Google has a pretty advanced detection method. Every click is examined by Google’s state-of-the-art system. When a click is determined to be invalid, Google filters it from reports. If a click escapes from this system then later is revealed to be invalid, you could receive an account credit. Their filtering system can be divided into three different sections.


What can you do?

-Monitor your ad traffic regularly. Google is advanced, but as with people and technology, things can be missed. By regularly checking your ad traffic, you will be able to catch invalid, fraudulent clicking more quickly. Being aware is the first step to protecting yourself.

-Be sure the click is fraudulent before contacting Google. Not every instance of multiple clicks from the same IP address is fraudulent. If you are suspicious, contact Google, but limit yourself to real suspicions.

-Trust Google. Ultimately, Google benefits by giving you the best service possible. Think about it. If you get overcharged for invalid clicking, you would cease to use Google Adwords which would cost Google more money. Google benefits more by giving you the best service possible. So give them a little leeway.