Facebook Pages: Your church’s public social media space

Facebook Pages: Your church’s public social media space

Think of a Facebook page as the public facing marketing for your church. Is your church using Facebook pages to the fullest? What do new members or non-members need to know about your church? Use this page as the place to promote all that information including:

  • Upcoming community events
  • Special services
  • Pictures from ministry events
  • Live streams of services or special music

church Facebook page

When people who have moved into the community look for a church, they’ll look online first. Make sure your “About” section is complete with contact information, service times, a link to your website and any other relevant information that doesn’t change. This page will be a primary tool in your church marketing to visitors.

Reserve family information such as funeral arrangements, deadlines for trip forms, nursery duty reminders and other information for a Facebook group. (Read about Facebook Groups here.) While all this information is necessary for your church family to know, it can distract a prospect from the overall view of your church.

In addition to having a “main” church Facebook page, specific ministries within your church may want to have a Facebook page as well. Youth, children, senior adult, and outreach ministries just to name a few. These pages allow you to promote specific events related to those ministries to the people most interested in them without crowding your main social media page. Some of these events you’ll want to promote on your main Facebook page as well, but not all. Separate pages for ministries is recommended for larger churches who have the staff and/or volunteer capacity to handle the extra work.

Facebook pages allow your church to post as the church and not as an individual. Pages should have more than one admin and possibly a few editors depending on the size of your church. The senior pastor or church administrator should have access to the page along with other staff or volunteers who are trusted to post according to social media guidelines your church has in place. These protections allow admins to remove people who may no longer be employed by the church or participating in relevant ministries. 

Social media for churches doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn more about other Facebook features your church can use to enhance its ministry and communications.