Facebook Live: Connecting Your Church Members

Facebook Live: Connecting Your Church Members


Facebook’s live video streaming makes it easier than ever to stay connected with church members who are unable to attend your services. Streaming live on Facebook can be as easy as having a staff member or volunteer use their smartphone to stream services or events onto your church’s Facebook page or group.

A few tips for a better live stream include:

  • Steadying your mobile device with a tripod or by resting your hand against a wall or on your leg.
  • Managing the lighting around your subject.
  • Having the best view possible.
  • Adding a microphone designed for live streams.

Great details on these tips can be found in this article.

If your church has a video set up with professional cameras, you can stream the video from those cameras to Facebook live. More details can be found here. Facebook offers links to companies who specialize in live video streaming which may also be helpful when your church wants to make your stream as professional as possible.

Be selective about your Facebook Live streams. Outside of church services you can stream events, fun announcement videos, church member testimonials, missions work and so much more. Watch your analytics to determine what type of content receives the most views and include more of that content to keep your followers engaged.

How are you using Facebook live to connect to your community?

Social media for churches doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn about more Facebook features your church can use to enhance your ministry.