Facebook Groups: Your Church Family Communications Tool

Facebook Groups: Your Church Family Communications Tool


Church marketing Facebook groups


In the first article in this series, we labeled your Facebook page as the public facing marketing piece for your church. Which allows your church Facebook group to be the family marketing piece, as in the place you share information your church family, but probably not everyone else, would have an interest in.

Presumably people who join your group are members, active participants or at least have some knowledge of your organization. Certainly do not filter out who can and can not join your Facebook Group. It still needs to be open to the public. The content is just geared more toward family information. That information includes:

  • Meal schedules
  • Updates on church members
  • Scheduling changes
  • Form deadlines for events
  • Calls for volunteers
  • Prayer requests
  • Facebook Live streams

In addition to image, text and links, you can upload documents into Facebook Groups. So all those camp forms your youth and children keep forgetting to take home can be uploaded by you and printed off by parents without anyone having to go to the church’s website.

Keep in mind information posted to this group can still be seen by anyone on the internet. Ensure before you post about Aunt Ethel’s hemorrhoid surgery that she’s okay with that being public knowledge. Facebook Groups allow anyone to post as themselves inside those groups. If a member knows about Aunt Ethel’s surgery but the church staff does not, they can post the details. Admins of the group can still delete if needed, which means its a good idea to have multiple admins who can keep an eye on conversations throughout the day.

If you plan to use event images in your Facebook group or page make sure those participants understand their images may be used on social media. You might even include that information as part of any event release forms and offer an opportunity to opt-out.

What are some Facebook group features that have been helpful to your church?

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