Facebook Changes Highlight Importance of Engaging Your Customers

Facebook Changes Highlight Importance of Engaging Your Customers

Engaging Customers With Social Media Important on FacebookUpdate: This article was originally published in 2015. A more recent article about more changes in 2018 is available here.

On April 21, Facebook announced a few new changes to users news feeds that could potentially impact business pages. The changes in a snap-shot:

  1. The network relaxed rules about multiple posts from the same person for users with small amount of content in their newsfeeds.
  2. Content users “care about” will be posted higher in newsfeed.
  3. Notifications that friends have commented or liked a page or post will be lower in the newsfeed or not at all in the newsfeed.

As they say at the end of their update, these changes could affect your page’s reach and referral rates. Number two on the list highlights for us the importance of having a high engagement rate on your posts. We expect the social media network will judge how much a user cares about a particular business or friend by how engaged they are with that page’s content.

To increase your engagement, take a look at the posts you’ve made over the last month. What posts had the most clicks? The most likes? The most comments? Was it a picture post or a link? What made those posts so engaging?

Once you know what’s working, find a way to increase the amount of those kinds of posts. Don’t duplicate that post over and over, but if your most engaging post was a picture of your staff working a project, try to stage more of those pictures throughout the month. If you found a link was the most engaging, think about why people were interested in that link. Can you repost it or create similar content?

Facebook isn’t the only social media on the block. We encourage our clients to consider other social marketing on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz and more depending on their target market. However, Facebook has the highest number of users and offers some great demographic data. It’s not time to scrap the social networking giant all together, but it is time to think differently about how you post content. Engaging customers with social media is the top concern, regardless of which social network you use.