Do’s and Don’ts of an Instagram Strategy

Do’s and Don’ts of an Instagram Strategy


We all enjoy getting a little love on social media. Whether it’s a retweet from a news outlet or a heart from a donor, it boosts our self esteem (and our social media analytics) to see some engagement. To get engagement you have to post and when it comes to Instagram your posts require a little more than just crafting a great status update and linking to your blog. Whether you’re on the fence about opening an Instagram account or you’re posting everyday but need more engagement, a few guidelines and new ideas can refresh your account and get you moving.


Do try to post two or three times a week.

Do regram. (Use a screenshot or save the photo and tag the original poster with #regram.)

Do keep an eye out for great, relevant shots of everyday life.

Do create graphics. ( is a great resource.)

Do add your instagram handle or logo on your pictures or graphics.

Do watch what your followers post and what they like the most.

Do pay attention to what your competitors post.

Do create an Instagram brand guideline. (Include use of logo, acceptable fonts, voice, etc.)

Do use popular, relevant hashtags as well as custom hashtags.

Do think about your audience.


Don’t over use stock photos.

Don’t use fonts that are hard to read.

Don’t forget to use hashtags.

Don’t post poor quality photos.

Don’t always push your products or services.

Don’t forget to be human

Don’t forget who your audience is

Finding just the right photo or creating just the right graphic can take some time, but you can do it. What’s the most popular image you’ve posted in Instagram?