Changes to Expect for B2B Websites in 2015

Changes to Expect for B2B Websites in 2015

Changes to Expect for B2B Websites in 2015Technology is ever changing. We continuously move forward and progress and that means making some changes along the way. Think back to websites ten years ago and compare them to the web designs of today. They are totally different, and will continue to change in 2015 and beyond.

As a B2B business, you can expect to see many changes in B2B websites in 2015. But unless you work specifically in web or graphic design, you might draw a blank on web design fads. We have a few trends to look for in the coming months and into 2016.

  1. Scroll on. Previously, websites featured a home page with tabs directing you to other pages with different information. This trend has drastically changed in the past few years. In 2014, we saw a surge of single page websites, and 2015 won’t be too different. The need for these sites centers on mobile devices. It is easier for a mobile user to scroll down a page for information than to continuously click.

  2. Storytelling and Interaction. You have probably heard the phrase, “Content is king.” We expect to see storytelling and interaction with the customer to increase in the coming months. In this age of social media, customers expect a conversation. Black Negative does a great job with storytelling and interaction. Great storytelling goes across all of your platforms including social media and blogging. (Check out our top ten blog topic ideas for your website.)

  3. Minimalistic Design. Gone are the days of intricate and confusing design with a million tabs leading in two million different directions. Instead, B2B websites have become increasingly simplistic. Ultimately, people are busy. Make your website easy to use.

  4. Custom Photography. Say goodbye to staged stock photos. High-quality custom photography goes along with storytelling and interaction. Custom photography of you, your staff, and your business will resonate with your customers better. It makes you feel real to them. We really love this website builder’s beautiful custom photos.

  5. Video. Again, this goes along with storytelling. Videos are a great way to tell your B2B business’s story. When you hire the photographer to come in and take photos, take advantage and have them shoot a couple of short videos to place on your website. For the customer, there is a trustworthiness in seeing the people you will be working with.

  6. Hidden Menus. Like the menu on the Black Negative website, many websites have started to use ghost menus that only appear when the mouse hovers over it. This goes with the minimalistic design.

  7. Bold Typography. We have seen this trend for a while, but we predict it will become even more popular this year. Whether it is over custom photos or a simple, plain background, bold, beautiful typography is a trend to stay.

  8. Performance and Speed. Website visitors do not tolerate slow websites. Customers will normally give your site about 7 seconds to load, then give up. The optimal time should be around 3 seconds for the site to load.

We hope these tips help you create an awesome B2B website. If your site is ready for a redesign, we can help. Schedule a 30 minute website consultation to discuss the goals for your website and how we can help.