Business Social Media in 10 Minutes

Business Social Media in 10 Minutes

Business Social Media in 10 MinutesOn average most people spend about 3 hours per day on social media, yet we hear the same complaint from business owners all of the time. “We just don’t have time to manage our social media accounts every day!”

Ultimately, we understand every small business owner’s social plight. It is hard to make time for handling social platforms when you are running a business. Keep in mind social media allows you to connect with your customers outside of the store (and should ultimately help you make additional sales and grow your business). If you only have ten minutes a day to dedicate to social media, here’s a few times on making the most of the time.

Choose One Platform

When you first start managing your business social media, we recommend choosing one social platform. You can expand to others later, but it is important to not overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle every social media opportunity available. That first platform could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest depending on your target market.

Develop a Plan

The key to handling your social media in ten minutes is knowing what you are going to post on a specific day. On Mondays, you could post a link to your blog and Tuesdays could be dedicated to an industry tip. We recommend taking time at the end of each month to put together a calendar of content to post each day.

Respond to Comments

Social media is a conversation between your business and your customers, but you have to respond to keep the conversation going. Whether the comments are good or bad, be sure to leave an appropriate response. If the comment is negative, we have some tips to help you handle those situations.

Listen to Your Customers

Take a few moments during your daily social monitoring to listen (or read) what your customers and clients are saying. Social networks can be one of the best ways to find out what exactly your customers are looking for and improve your business or marketing strategy. Plus, you can show that you do care about them. Ultimately, customers look for a personal touch, but like any relationship, you have to listen to make it successful.

Social media can be a powerful tool for your business. We know that getting a plan together for social media can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why we stay up to date on the latest social media strategy and tools to help move your business forward. Schedule your 30-minute consultation with us today to discuss the best tools and strategies for you.