Beat Your B2B Competition by Leveraging Local Celebrities

Beat Your B2B Competition by Leveraging Local Celebrities

Creative  B2B Content Solutions You Don’t Have To Do Yourself

Your competitor just released a new video on YouTube. In fact, your spouse, your best friend and your mother just sent you links to it and told you how great it is. Now you feel like this:


We’ve all had those days. You’ve brainstormed for new online video ideas. You’ve googled blog topic ideas for your industry. You’ve created infographics. Now you need some new ideas, fresh ideas for your B2B advertising campaign, that don’t look like you’ve copied the competition. What you may not realize is, you don’t have to be one to provide all the content. Ask yourself these questions:

Who are the celebrities in your industry or community?

We’re not talking about Kanye West or Selina Gomez. We’re talking your specific industry. Who’s being interviewed in industry magazines? Who has thousands of YouTube followers? Who’s the first in your community to branch into a new social site and bring along followers? You don’t have to create all the new, best content. You just need to know the people who can. It’s called social marketing: involving the people your customers already respect to help spread the word of what you do.

What does your target market respond to the most?

Check out your competition, don’t be afraid. Are their social media followers commenting more on videos, blog posts, compelling pictures or case studies? Take stock of your past work. You’ve done some pretty amazing work. What caught most people’s attention? leveraged the power of YouTube celebrities to draw attention to one of their campaigns. You can find similar celebrities in your industry.

What kind of content are industry leaders producing?

Do you see the pattern here? Before you can produce the top-notch content, you’ve got to know what media attracts your target audience. Your competitor’s video? Is your mom, spouse or best friend their target market? If not, even though the piece is epic, it may all be for nothing.

Do you have a plan?

Plans are boring, but if you throw together a video or new graphic in an effort to out-do your competitor you’ll look unprofessional and maybe even a little desperate. Let your competitor have her 15 minutes of fame. Create a plan so when the buzz wears off, your company’s next promotion is just starting.

How do you involve an industry or community celebrity?

You don’t have to produce all your own content. You’ve already produced a lot of it and your customers like it, but continually adding new content to mix takes a lot of time and creativity. Let someone else help. Who can you involve who knows your industry, respects your company and draws attention from your target market? Make a list. Can you create a campaign involving one or several of these?

Is this person respected, well-thought of?

You don’t have to choose the biggest name you can find. Someone with a positive experience with your product is perfect. A great example: Subway and their spokesman Jared. He was not a well-known celebrity until Subway brought him into their marketing. Of course we also know the flip side of that coin, when the celebrity spokesperson makes bad choices the company can lose as well. Learn from the recent scandal with Jared. As long as your brand is linked to a celebrity keep an eye on their public and private life. Make sure he or she understands certain actions on their part will result in your cancelling the promotions. Do your research so you’re prepared for any problems that might arise.

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Do you have to choose just one media?

We like using a variety of media. Do some video interviews, day-in-the-life videos, or how-tos with your spokesperson. Take pictures along the way to use as teasers on social media. Take the information you learn and turn it into infographics. Ask the celebrity to write a blog post or take some of the main content from your interviews and plug it into a blog post. Host a meet and greet event, dinner or concert. Hold contests for tickets or sell tickets and give the money to a local non profit. If you’ve tackled involving an industry or community celebrity, don’t let it be a once and done advertisement. Turn it into a real media event. Not ready to go all out? Ask your chosen celebrity for a series of blog posts, videos or photos you can use for marketing on your website. Offer them an opportunity to promote their personal brand while they are promoting your company.

Does all the information have to be free?

B2B inbound marketing tells us to offer some information for free and offer a give-get opportunity for additional information. Maybe to watch the full interview your customers need to leave their name and email address. To win tickets you need to have a registration form. Don’t offer this well-thought out, well-time campaign with a spray and pray attitude. If you’re going to involve other people, make the most of their time.

What do you hope to accomplish?

Don’t start this campaign with the goal of one-upping your competition. Hopefully that’s a bonus result, but not the main goal. What do you want to accomplish? Sales of a particular item? Increase of market share in a specific segment of your industry? Increase of leads to your sales department? Know the goal and why it’s important. What you do and how you present it will revolve around your goals. It’s the key to making inbound marketing and outbound marketing work.

It’s hard to be the one in charge of creating all the content. Whether your choose to use a guest blogger or create a whole campaign around an industry or community leader, just remember not all your content MUST come from you. Provide insights from others who will benefit your customers. Tell their stories. The benefit to you is more relevant content, a more engaged audience and an increase in business.

Plus, when you’re back on top you’ll look like you this again:


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