B2B Social Media Doesn’t Have to be Boring

B2B Social Media Doesn’t Have to be Boring

We recently tackled social media for a company that sells technical goods to businesses. Every company with more than 3 employees uses these products (your company has bought this type of product, I promise). But the technical aspect of the product can get so clunky it’s hard to discuss on social media. So we were challenged with using social media to soften the image of the company, to brand the company as one with solutions for real problems and to speak in terms the average business owner or office manager can understand. Most importantly, we wanted to drive traffic to their B2B website.

We looked at the product and the company from every angle and we’ve started to create some content that educates and even makes you laugh a little. Want to know our secrets? If one company has trouble discussing technical sales on social media, I expect others do too. Try using these ideas to add a little creativity to your social updates.

Think outside of Facebook.

Take a page out of the Cisco playbook. The global IT company uses videos (and a lot of them) to educate consumers, provide business advice and talk about what’s happening in the company.


Don’t limit your promotion of your booth a trade show to Facebook or Twitter. Interview your sales reps or potential customers on the spot. Interview team members about the problems their big projects will solve. Spending a little on a professional videographer can have big payoffs in the long run by setting your company apart as personable, creative and cutting edge.

Lighten it up with some humor.

Intel knows it’s products could be a little dry, so they lighten it up with some humor. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve employed Jim Parsons as their spokesperson.


If you’re a local or regional company, look for a well-known or semi-well known local celebrity. Work out a spokesperson agreement with them and add their style and flavor to your brand. You can also look for pop culture references to your industry or the products you sell. Gifs and Memes abound through the internet or you can create your own.

It doesn’t have to be directly about your business.

UPS, known for driving their UPS brown trucks, has a vested interest in making sure its drivers know the safety rules of the road. So during “Global Road Safety Week”, UPS shared some driving safety tips using video.


UPS isn’t about driving, but driving safety is very important to the company. What’s an issue that’s important to your company (and might be important to your customers)? Use this as a starting point to share your knowledge and insight.

Find a Throw-Back-Thursday.

We all love a little nostalgia. What’s the history of your company or your industry? Western Digital posts #TBT each week highlighting the history of electronics and what’s remembered best about those platforms.

Take or find pictures of your industry or company from history and share it with your community. Ask if they remember these products or what they miss about that service.


You sell a product your customers need. You product may help save lives or just make life easier. By being creative with your social media and blogging efforts you can set yourself apart from the rest of the pack and keep your followers engaged at the same time.