4 Blog Topics Constituents Want from Non Profit Websites

4 Blog Topics Constituents Want from Non Profit Websites

Non profits are focused on the greater good of humanity rather than financial gain, which means content for non profit websites has to be geared toward the problems non profits are addressing and how they are solving them. Earlier this year Firespring.org, a Certified B Corp that provides integrated non profit marketing solutions, surveyed constituents of 17 different nonprofit organizations. Their results give us a snapshot of what donors what to see when they visit non profit websites.

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This report provides a wealth of information for organizations who are brainstorming blog ideas. Firespring says, “Constituents are most interested in content that explains your organization’s ability to affect positive change”. According to Firspring, the four topics that constituents find most important are Programs and Services, Goals and Objectives, How Donations are Used, and Stories of Work. We would like to help you cover all four of these in your blog posts.

 Programs and services

 What does your non profit actually do? What problem are you addressing? Give concrete examples of how you are trying to solve that problem. What types of services do you provide? Write a blog about those services or people who have taken advantage of your services like the American Red Cross did.

 The American Red Cross provides a series of online training classes for babysitters. To promote this service, the author posted a blog about taking the class at age 11. The class not only helped her find employment but also cultivated her life long relationship with the Red Cross. She then gives a brief description of the classes and provides a link to the portion of the Red Cross Website dedicated to these classes. http://redcrosschat.org/2015/07/30/calling-babysitters/#sthash.T4yUFiTx.dpbs

 Goals and Objectives

 How do you incorporate your organization’s goals and objectives into your non profit blog content? Write a blog discussing your future fundraising, volunteerism goals, or your capital campaign. Explain why they are so important and provide links to help your readers get involved. Do you have a specific project that may be of interest to your reader?  Write about the project, what you plan to accomplish, and ask for their help. Tell people why your goals are important, and they will be more willing to help you reach them. 

How Donations are Used

People want to know that the organizations they are giving money to are reliable. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of. These blogs are very likely to help increase your donor retention. Prove your dependability by engaging in transparent conversations with your constituents. Write a blog explaining the donation process.Show how your constiuents’ donations travel from their bank account, to you and on to the field. Write a blog about how their donation dollars went to help a specific community or neighborhood. Be specific about what you spend money on. Also try interviewing your donors and ask them why they donate to you. Show your constituents that the people who donate to you are all as passionate about the cause as you and they are.

 Stories of Your Work

 Lastly, take the time to brag. Remember, your constituents want to know that you are making a positive impact. Write a blog about a recent success story. Discuss the steps you took to make that story a success, or tell the story of how your organization has positively affected an individual person’s life. Doing so will validate your organization as one who is trustworthy and helping real people like Feeding America.

 Feeding America has a section on their website devoted to stories of people they have impacted through their food pantries. One of the stories tells about a grandmother from Indiana raising her four granddaughters becasue her son unexpectantly passed away. The grandmother and the four girls would garden and hunt in the summer to make ends meet, but she still couldn’t provide enough food for the girls for three meals a day. Feeding America’s food pantry was able to provide the girls with free lunches through a variety of summer feeding programs.Stories like this demonstrate that Feeding America is a reliable organization and that they are making a positive impact in the world.



 Remember, constituents want to know that you are positively impacting the world. they want to know that you are striving to solve the problems you say you’re passionate for. When creating content for your nonprofit website, focus on how you have already begun to solve the problem. Write content focused on Programs and Services, Goals and Objectives, How Donations are Used, and Stories of Work. 

Programs and Services

  • describe the programs and services you provide
  • write about people who have taken advantage of these services
  • tell about the problem you’re trying to help
  • explain how your programs help alleviate that problem

Goals and Objectives

  • What are your current fundraising goals?
  • What are your current volunteerism goals?
  • Why are these things important?
  • what projects are you involved in?
  • Ask people to help you reach your goals

How Donations are Used

  • Prove that you are a reliable organization
  • Be specific about what you spend money on
  • Engage in transparent conversations
  • Write a blog about the donation process
  • Write about how donation dollars are being used
  • Interview a donor
  • Ask your donors why they donate
  • Thank your donors

Stories of Your Work

  • Brag about your success stories
  • Discuss the journey to success
  • Tell a story about an individual that you helped
  • Tell a story about one of your volunteer


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