23 Questions to Measure Your Non-Profit’s Marketing Effectiveness

23 Questions to Measure Your Non-Profit’s Marketing Effectiveness

Non profits & Digital Marketing Effectiveness 

non profit marketing buzzwordsFollowers. Engagement. Reach. Clicks. The buzzwords of the day have given many of us a buzzing headache. Bragging about our follower numbers was fun at first but most businesses and non profits quickly came to realize likes and impressions don’t pay the bills. Somehow you’ve got to turn those numbers into real time dollars or you’re wasting your time.

Set a goal

Before you begin any type of non profit marketing campaign you always set a goal. Digital and social media marketing campaigns aren’t any different. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish?

  • What metrics will you use to decide if you’ve accomplished that goal or not?

  • If your goal is simply to increase awareness, how do you measure that?

Shares of a blog post, views of a video or retweets could be enough to say you’ve increased awareness. Don’t just set a goal of “some” views. Be specific. The more specific your goal, the more easily you can report that you’ve hit that goal.

  • How many views?

  • How many of those viewers do you want to click through to your website?

  • How many of the blog readers do you want to click on a call to action?

Watch the metrics

You’ll have to set the goal before you know which metrics to watch. If your goal is to sell a specific number of sponsorship packages for your capital campaign, measure the number of visits to the sponsorship page on your non profit websites, measure the bounce rate and measure how most of your visitors got there. These questions may include:

  • Did you draw a lot from your pay per click campaigns or more from donors going straight to the page?

  • Which social media channels drove the most traffic to the page?

  • Does this differ from the where most of your blog post visits originate?

  • What’s your online vs offline giving ratio?

  • Are you gaining new donors online or just moving former donors from offline to online?

  • How much did you spend on various paid advertisements compared to the return?

Review new vs returning donors

With many non profits achieving donor retention rates of less than 30%, it’s important to know how your existing donors are giving a second time.

  • If donor retention is a major goal, have you made it easy for donors to give a second time online?

  • Are they coming through social media channels like some first time donors or are they coming through direct links in e-mails or direct mail pieces?

  • Can you compare that to how the same donor gave last year?

  • Did a specific piece of your campaign trigger more donations from previous donors than new donors and vice versa?

Use the Information

To make sure your capital campaign or event marketing works the way you want it to work, you have to set your goal and know which metrics to measure to see if you’ve reached your goal. Even a simple goal of raising a certain amount of funds through social media will offer you information you can use in future campaigns. As you measure your non profit’s inbound campaign’s effectiveness, answering these questions will guide you as you use inbound for future campaigns:

  • Which social media site drove the most traffic?

  • Which social media site drove the most visitors who donated?

  • Which keywords sent the most visitors to our site?

  • What was the subject line of the email that converted the most donors?

  • Can we see a difference in donations from e-mails based on subject line, day of the week or time sent?

  • What type of media converted the most traffic to donors: video, pictures, testimonials, etc?

  • What tone of voice converted the most traffic to donors: serious, playful, entertaining, casual, formal, etc?

For far too long online marketers have gotten away with saying they had “X” number of likes or shares of a campaign and believing that’s good enough. In-house marketers are being held to higher standards, so their use of goals, research and metrics have risen accordingly. Before you hire a non profit fundraising or marketing consultant who promises to handle digital or social media for you, know how they will measure effectiveness. If they insist increased likes and shares are enough, keep looking.

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