11 Home Improvement Pros to Follow on Houzz

11 Home Improvement Pros to Follow on Houzz

We did a little research this week, trying to find the top companies really blowing Houzz out of the water. With over 1.5 million professional profiles on the website, finding the best has been a little harder than we thought. So we did a little grass roots searching ourselves and are bringing you a short list of pros who are doing more than most when it comes to the top home improvement platform.

Before you dive into this list, we found several of these companies had a few things in common. Many of these companies are Pro members and have a Pro Spotlight prominently placed on their page. When you click through to their website, you’ll find most also have a blog on their site and a number of them have up-to-date articles. If you check out the staff listings, many of these same companies also have a designated marketing person on their team. And the websites themselves are organized well and very aesthetically pleasing. All that to say, these companies put some real thought into both their Houzz marketing strategy as well as their overall online marketing strategies and it appears to be paying off.

kitchenworks Houzz profile how to



30 Projects

18 reviews

A few best practices worth mentioning: Kitchenworks titles it’s projects after the design trend used as well as a geographic location. The company also offers additional information on some but not all project photos.



Lantern and Scroll


28 Projects

62 Reviews

This company follows a lot of the best practices we’ve talked about in other blogs. Each project is labeled by the type of product used and includes additional descriptions of the pictures used. Although the company is a manufacturer of products instead of a contractor, they have a very active presence on the stie. We’ve also seen them comment on other images where people have asked about the manufacturer of a light. Although Lantern and Scroll may not have made the light in the original photo, they offer a picture of one of their products that looks very similar.

Mercury_Mosaics_and_Tile, how to use Houzz for marketing

Mercury Mosaics and Tile


47 Projects

135 Reviews

Another product manufacturer, on our list is Mercury Mosaics and Tile. The company starts by naming each project with the product and color used–a great way to make sure those projects show up in the right searches. Each project includes a wide range of images of each product and those images include detailed descriptions of the style and colors used.

The_Kitchen_Studio_of_Glen_Ellyn, how to use Houzz for marketing

The Kitchen Studio


54 Projects

31 Reviews

The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn’s profile offers prospective customers a great description of what they do including the specific communities where they do work. Their projects are titled based on location and style–two great SEO factors. Pictures offer multiple views of the same project and give a detailed description of each project.

USI_Design_&_Remodeling, Houzz marketing

USI Design and Remodeling


75 projects

55 Reviews

For five years, USI has been a Best of Houzz winner. They’ve titled their projects based on the type of project (bathroom remodel, upscale bathroom remodel, etc) which makes turning up in search results a lot easier. Many of their projects include multiple pictures, before and after images and detailed descriptions of the project.

Hatfield_Builders_&_Remodelers, Houzz marketing

Hatfield Builders and Remodelers


79 Projects

42 Reviews

Hatfield Builders and Remodelers is another Pro Professional and a multi-year award winner. The company writes detailed descriptions of their project images and have posted multiple images per project. Their project folders are titled based on room and geographic location–all best practices.

Gingo_Leaf_Studio, Houzz marketing strategy


Ginkgo Leaf Studio


63 Projects

44 Reviews

It’s possible we’ve hidden one of our favorite pages half-way through our list. This landscape pro has organized project folders by geographic location and style. They do a fantastic job writing specific descriptions with each image including the specific plants used. They also show a lot of before and after pictures.

Exterior_Worlds_Landscaping_&_Design, Houzz marketing strategy

Exterior Worlds Landscaping and Design


44 Projects

76 Reviews

We included several landscape companies in our list because their images are so beautifully put together! This company labeled their project folders by style and type of project and identified the geographic location of the project. They have also written a detailed description of each project and each project includes multiple images from different angles.

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StudioH_Landscape_Architecture, what is Houzz

StudioH Landscape Architecture


36 Projects

34 Reviews

Project folders for StudioH varies from the type of project to the location of the project–both of which helps those searching to find what they want. This landscape architecture company also includes price range for their work–something not every pro is comfortable putting out there. Using the price range option helps decrease sticker shock as your customers know what to expect when they call you. StudioH also posts multiple pictures from various angles for each project and describes the image in the headline–another Houzz advertising best practice.

Western_Window_Systems, how to use Houzz

Western Window Systems


29 projects

62 Reviews

Another manufacturer on our list is Western Window Systems. They’ve labeled their project folders by geographic location and included multiple images of each project. Manufacturers typically have to rely on resellers or the end user to share images of projects. This company does a great job of working with it’s partners to have top notch images of great projects along with great descriptions of the windows in each image.


CHI_Renovation_&_Design, Houzz project how to

CHI Renovation and Design


83 Projects

55 Reviews

CHI Renovation & Design titles their project folders based on the room remodeled, another great method to ensure the images show up where they should. The company writes some very creative and descriptive narratives for the projects and images. Each of their projects include multiple images from various angles.

Improving your Houzz presence doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money, but it does take persistence and a plan. If you need a way to upgrade your Houzz profile with consistent images and descriptions, download our newly released Houzz worksheet by clicking on the image below.