10 Secrets to Growing Your Email List

10 Secrets to Growing Your Email List

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survey last year by Custora shows customer acquisition via email has quadrupled over the last 4 years. For small businesses, one of the major roadblocks to starting and sustaining an email marketing campaign is building their list. If you never start, you’ll never reach your goal, so let’s get started with a good list of current customers who want to hear your message.

  1. Ask for it.

If you’ve noticed, all the big box stores are asking for your email address. Why? Because they know customers respond to email marketing. When a customer buys from your retail location or schedules a service with your company, ask for their email address. You can start by emailing a receipt or a thank you for your purchase email.

  1. Offer a sign-up on your website.

It’s the easiest thing you can do. Visitors to your website already like your products or services. They need you. Ask them to sign up to your email list for discounts, special sales or simply information on making the most of your products. Make your email a value-added option, and your customers will want to sign up. You can also use a pop-up window as people enter or leave the site to ask them to register for email notifications. Pop-up windows can be controversial, but they work.

  1. Place an email registration list at your register.

It’s old school. But it gets results. Create a form, print it out, and place it at your register. If people are in your store and buying your products, then they need what you have to offer. Giving their email is just another way from them to get the information they need. You could also place a container near the register and ask businesses to toss in their cards to be added to the mailing list.

  1. Ask people to register for prizes at a trade show and include their email address.

Always, always, always ask for email addresses during events. If you are giving away anything, make sure you ask for email addresses as a way of contact. After the event, you can follow up with a discount or thank you email.

  1. Ask people on your social media channels to sign up for email.

Offer different information–specials, discounts, links to content–from your email then you offer on your social media. Promote once a week (at the least) for social media followers to sign up for the weekly or monthly newsletter to be privy to this extra information.

  1. Offer a sign up at the end of an online purchase.

If you sell online, always ask for an email address to add to your database. You can ask either at the end of the sale or during the check-out process. You can also allow buyers to check what offers/information they want to receive through email.

  1. Refer to your online sign-up form from your blog posts.

Your blog readers like your content. They very possibly want to read more from you. Make it easy. At the end of the post simply ask them to register for email updates on new content from you.

  1. Add a QR code to your print material that directs to a sign-up form.

Who said digital and direct mail are competitors? They can really play nicely together. If you’ve been in business for years and have a great mailing list, include a QR code where recipients can sign up for your emails. Make sure they know what they will receive that will make signing up worth it. This could include a discount, free shipping, or store credit.

  1. Run a contest

Through any of your offers, you can make giving an email address a requirement for winning a prize. You don’t have to give away or discount your services to run a contest. You could give away a product or service that compliments yours. For instance, if you are an oil change location, you could give away a $50 gas card.

  1. Encourage your employees to collect email addresses.

Your employees should be your brand ambassadors. Run a contest for the employee who captures the most emails in a month. Make it worth their time. Also, make sure they know the rules: people must opt-in and know what they are agreeing to receive.

Email can be a great asset to your business. For more information on email marketing, check out some of our other blog posts. If you have questions regarding your email marketing plan, contact us at 662-869-8665.