Tips for the Perfect Promotional Package

A couple of weeks ago we read this article on a publicity package sent to an Australian news outlet. The package was meant to promote a recently released video game, Watch Dogs. Instead of creating interest, the package scared the reporter so badly the publication called in the bomb squad. Yes. The bomb squad.

I’m not sure that’s the kind of attention the game developer had hoped to receive.

With this and a few other exceptions, publicity packages can build goodwill and drive attention to your brand. If you’re looking at the best way to use your products and funds to get the attention you want, check out these tips. (And let the bomb-sniffing dogs stick to the real dangers.)

Keep the customer in mind

Remember, you are sending the customer something. You want to send them something they will enjoy or use. So don’t make it all about you. Think about products your customers use daily or that will make them think of your company.

Create a theme

Themes often help spark great, creative ideas for your packages. We recently did a package for a client that was a summer relaxation theme. We included sunglasses, lemonade mix in a mason jar, and a pair of flipflops. Tie your theme into the product or service you want to sell. Our selling point for the package was “We’ll do the work while you relax.” Think about the problem your product or service solves for the customer and build a theme around it.


Everyone loves a good laugh. What better way to gain points with your customers than making them happy? Include humor in your packages, but don’t go too far. Remember the video game package we referenced? ‘Nough said.

Call attention to your logo and brand

While keeping the customer in mind is key, they have to know who sent them this awesome package. so be sure your logo, company name, and branding identities are clearly displayed throughout the package.

Return on Investment

In order to send the right package, you have to know your demographics and have an idea of your return on investment. Is this customer going to end up purchasing enough to cover the cost of this package? Knowing the buying history of the customers receiving the package will help you decided what to send and how much to spend. Keep this in mind when assembling your recipient list and items.

We hope these tips and tricks help your business with the next promotional package. If you have questions or would like to discuss things further, please contact us at 662-416-8674.

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