Tips for Avoiding Medical Jargon in Blog Articles

medical jargon

When it comes to writing medical clinic blog and website content, keeping it simple is key. While medical professionals might understand medical jargon, most Americans don’t have the same understanding of these terms. Plus, if your patients have to turn to Google to decipher your content, you aren’t achieving your goals to inform and educate them. Here are a few tips to keep your copy simple and easy to understand.

Start with the end goal in mind

As with all writing, consider what you want your readers to learn from your article before you start writing. Is it better understanding of different pain relievers or knowledge of how heart attacks occur? Before writing your article, set a specific goal, create a list of medical clinic blog post ideas to reach that goal and work from that. This will help you avoid distractions and unnecessary jargon.

Consider the WWWH

What is it? Where does it happen? Why does it happen? And how can you treat it? Think about these topics when writing your content. It will help structure the article in a way that patients can understand.

Write what you mean

While you might understand the medical lingo, your patients might not. The issue is that breaking out of that terminology can be difficult. Instead, think about explaining your topic to a child. This will help you write plainly and convey your point without obstructing it with difficult to understand lingo.

Keep it simple

Similar to writing what you mean, simplicity is key. Avoid long sentences, big words, overused clichés and convoluted points. Instead, simplify your writing by keeping it short and to the point.

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Read it aloud

This point might seem silly, but our brains process content differently when read aloud. You are giving both your eyes and your ears a chance to understand the writing. Plus, you could also have a friend or coworker listen as you read aloud to ensure your patients will understand your main point.

Have a coworker proof it

Having another person proof your content is a great way to avoid typos, grammatical errors and misspelled words. But it also provides the opportunity to ensure it is free of unnecessary medical jargon.

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