Thinking about attending a trade show? Read this first.

trade show cell phone guyBusiness trade shows present opportunities to promote your business, your brand, and your products and services. The people who attend these events have a genuine interest in your products or business. So why not use this is a way to have face-to-face interaction with potential buyers or loyal consumers.

Choose the right event

While it is important to have banners, literature, giveaways, product displays and etc, it is also important to do research way in advance to see what events are right for your business and your goals. Take note of the number of businesses that will attend, the average number of the attendees, attendee demographics and so forth. Try to get other businesses feedback on shows. You want to make investments, but also want a high return investment.

Many event organizers allow for early registration which sometimes has discounts. Do the research on what shows you want to attend early on so you can save hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars in registration fees.

Do the prep work

Every business should have an objective when it comes to attending any event. Do you have meetings set up with potential or loyal buyers? If not, do this ahead of time so you can schedule around the booth time. Do research on your competitors. Why would someone come to your booth and buy from you? Make sure you are standing out from others.

Advertising your booth is important, especially doing it ahead of time. Send out newsletters, a weekly email, post a blog about it and share it on your Facebook or Twitter page. Encourage your sales staff to promote the event on their social media pages as well. Let everyone know where your booth will be located, and if you are offering door prizes-include that in your publicity. Offering gifts encourages people to come to your booth and helps them remember you after the show.

Make sure your booth is well staffed. While you have someone at the booth presenting your products or selling your brand, make sure you have other employees who can meet with potential buyers. Set up meetings, hold conversations and try to keep a loyal relationship with these people.

If there are additional events during the show, like dinners or cocktail parties, attend those. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and network. These networking opportunities are what you came for,right?

Tradeshows are trial and error. By using these tips, you will see a huge difference in the effectiveness of your trade show. Research, publicize and have an objective ready before you get to the trade show and things will go over much more smoothly.

If you’re looking for some creative trade show ideas to spice up your trade show with an interactive booth idea, find out what these businesses are doing right.



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