The Social Media Apps That Will Still Be Relevant in 2021

I recently overheard a conversation between a group of friends about their use of the social app Snapchat. All of them were in agreement that they no longer used the Snapchat stories feature but now only used the app to chat and share photos with friends. Hearing this conversation got me thinking about today’s social media apps and how quickly some apps burn out while others remain a steady, constant presence. As digital marketers, it’s important to make sure the apps we use for our clients remain relevant and worth the time. Our latest research indicates the following 8 social media apps will continue trending as we welcome 2021. 


It doesn’t take a digital marketing expert to figure out that the social media giant Facebook is here to stay. The thing about Facebook that keeps them relevant is their uncanny ability to take what other apps are already doing (like Snapchat’s once-beloved Stories feature) and do it better. Retailers can even use their Shopify feature to sell items directly from their page. They’ve also turned their chat app, Messenger, into its own social media app with the addition of Messenger Stories and other features for businesses like chatbots that can share everything from order status updates to tracking numbers and restock alerts on items the customer has requested. Facebook continues to be the best overall app for any business because of its massive user base (2.7 billion on the app and 1.3 billion users on Messenger) and versatility. If you’re looking for just one app to reach new followers, Facebook is your one-stop-shop.


Instagram emerged as the one app Facebook couldn’t beat and you know what they say about being beaten. If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em! Er…maybe that’s not quite how the saying goes but it’s what Facebook did a few years back. In a bit of good news, Facebook did what Facebook does and made Instagram better by adding paid ads, shoppable posts, new Stories features, and more. The app’s ability to connect to your other social accounts for instant sharing helps save time when you want to cross-post to more than one app. Once a space for the younger crowds, Instagram is now home to a much broader group of audiences from Generation Z to the Baby Boomer crowd. 


Yep, Twitter keeps hanging in there with an average of 186 million daily active users. It’s the place to share information and start conversations with followers. Twitter has been slower to catch on here in the South but much of the United States continues to actively use the app. 


The place for videos is still the most popular app for video viewership, despite Facebook’s efforts with their Facebook Watch feature. The app remains easy to use for just about any user and it’s still the easiest way to share videos across different apps and even marketing emails. YouTube’s connection to Google also means your videos boost SEO with the search giant. If you enjoy making videos for your business, we strongly recommend making use of this long-running app. 


This year’s most controversial app holds on as one of the fastest-growing apps of the year. Right now it seems like everyone from your teenage niece to the sweet old lady next door is making fun videos with this app. Their many creative features make it simple for just about anybody to create entertaining videos. This app is perfect for businesses who like to have fun with their audiences. 


This year Pinterest added a host of new features to make it more marketing-friendly. Like other apps such as Instagram and Facebook, users can now shop directly from Pins. Marketers and business owners also enjoy the new organization tools perfect for giving your crowded Pinboards the Marie Kondo treatment. With over 400 million users, Pinterest remains the most popular app for shopping and making purchase decisions.


Though LinkedIn is much quieter and more reserved than other social networking apps, it remains the number one app for B2B and B2C companies and for professionals to connect with one another. This app is great for sharing your company’s articles and other industry-related information. 


We don’t talk about Reddit much because it’s not really known for being a heavy-hitter for marketing purposes. However, the site is perfect for a crucial aspect of marketing: social listening. The term social listening literally means listening to what your audiences on social apps are saying about your business or industry. Facebook and Twitter are also great sources for social listening but Reddit is where you really find the gold. Reddit users don’t hold back when it comes to saying what they mean and you can get honest views related to your business. Like Mickey Mouse says about Mousketool, Reddit “is a surprise tool we can use later!” The information you gain from Reddit can help you adjust your marketing strategy to reach your target audience and serve them better. 

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