The Secret to Growing Your Business

Want to know how to grow your business? Increase your social media presence! By increasing your social media presence, you are connecting with potential customers while also building better relationships with current consumers. Building your social media presence focuses on two types of content: paid and organic. 

For paid advertising, you are actually paying to show your content to a specific set of users. On the other hand, organic content is when you post for your already established following for free. Both have their own time and place in a social media strategy, but today, we are going to focus on how to grow your social media using organic content!


Valuable Content

The first thing you can do to build your social media organically is to offer your audience valuable content. One way to do this is make sure you are providing visual aspects in your posts. Overall, social media is increasingly becoming more visual, so it is important you stay on trend and provide this type of content to your audience. Do this by posting an image or video with your text posts. Images can be animated or actual photos while videos can be a few seconds to a minute long. 

**Note: you don’t want your videos to be too long on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok because users are likely to quickly lose interest and scroll without finishing the video. So, keep it short while also putting the most important information first! 



The second strategy for organic content is to be consistent. By consistently posting, you are staying in front of your organic audience to remind them that you are still here and ready to help them. Not to mention, most social media algorithms will show your page more to the people who interact with it the most. If you decide not to post on a regular basis, not only are you setting yourself up to not be a top-of-mind for your audience, but you are also encouraging the algorithm to not show your posts in users’ feeds when you do post.

To stay consistent, you can use a number of different software/websites that help you organize and schedule your planned content. We use Loomly which allows us to plan a month ahead while approving and scheduling the posts. However, if you don’t have time to produce and review the performance of consistent content, don’t hesitate to call Hilary at 662-416-8674 to discuss how Momentum Consulting’s social media experts can partner with your business to organically reach your goals. 


Engage and Interact with Your Community

Engaging with your community is exactly why social media is social! If you are collaborating with another business, make sure to @mention them in your post. So, not only will your audience see the content, but their audience will as well. Then when users comment on your post, comment back and engage with them to show that you value their interaction. Once the customers feel valued, it is more likely they will continue interacting with your content which will encourage the algorithm to show the content to their friends.

Overall, organic content is vital to your social media strategy, especially since it builds relationships with current and potential customers for free. Keep your content valuable, consistent, and engaging with your community to ensure you are maximizing your organic content to further your social media strategy to meet your business goals! 

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