The New Pinterest Marketing Tools and Resources You Should Know About

Pinterest has always been a fun app for marketers and merchants but until recently, it lagged behind other popular social apps like Facebook and Instagram when it comes to available marketing tools and resources. The head honchos at Pinterest recognized this and began rolling out much-welcome changes earlier this year that are beneficial to marketers, merchants, and Pinners alike. Take a look at the latest marketing tools and resources available on everyone’s favorite virtual pinboard. 

Happier Organizing

Pinterest Keeps Up with the Competition with New Marketing Tools and Shopping Functions momentum consulting advertising momentum

Organization junkies will rejoice over the new board organizing tools like the option to add planning notes, new section suggestions, and automatic board selection. Even the less organized marketer can appreciate how much easier it is to find “just what you’re looking for” with these tools.

New Resources to Improve Brand Presence

Let’s be real. The competition to be seen on Pinterest is fierce. The app’s new creative tools, educational resources, and reference materials were developed to help marketers up their Pin game. 

Shop ‘Til You Drop with These New Capabilities

Merchants and shoppers all rejoiced when Pinterest began rolling out their new shopping options in early spring. Pinners can now shop from pins, boards, and through a search. The new shop tab allows Pinners to search and browse in-stock items directly from retailers. Our favorite new option? Browsable visual style guides for when you have the vision but lack the details. 

Shopify and Pinterest Team Up to Make Pinterest Life Easier for Merchants

Pinterest recently teamed up with Shopify to develop a new app exclusively for merchants. The new app allows merchants to upload their catalog and turn products into shoppable Product Pins. The app’s features include tag installation, automatic daily updates of product catalogs, and an ad-buying interface. 

Shop with Peace of Mind with the New Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest users are smart, savvy shoppers who know the importance of making safe online purchases. The execs at Pinterest recognized the need to guarantee their users’ purchases and developed the Verified Merchant program.

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