The Facebook Live! Opportunities Hiding in Plain Sight




Facebook Live! videos have come a long way in the two years since the service launched platform wide. The live streaming tool has been used for almost everything from broadcasting family events like gender reveals and birthday parties to important news events and business launches. Facebook makes no apologies for prioritizing those live streams in their newsfeeds. So why do so many businesses shy away from the camera?

A fear of public speaking may be partly to blame. While you can not actually see your audience, you know (or hope) at least someone is watching your video. Just the thought of it may send your stomach into knots, make your palms sweaty and speed your heart rate. Just like public speaking, you can calm those fears with a little preparation and practice.

The other reason people steer clear of Facebook Live! is the unanswered “What do I talk about?” question. Which is actually easier to solve than your fear of public speaking. Having an easy topic to cover and one you’re passionate to share may actually alleviate some of your public speaking fears. So the two can work together well.

A few of our top ideas:

  1. Industry Updates
  2. Interviews with industry pros, your vendors, your customers or your staff
  3. A behind-the-scenes tour of your workplace
  4. Trade shows (keep in mind most events do not allow the videoing keynotes or break out sessions)
  5. Product demonstrations
  6. Tips and how-tos
  7. Announcements of contest winners
  8. Speaking engagements
  9. Product launches
  10. Behind-the-scenes of events

None of these ideas really make a spark for you? Look around your company or your industry. What questions are you asked over and over? What are people the most curious about when it comes to your company or non-profit?

When you have your topic fleshed out, check out this blog for more details on making your Facebook Live! campaign top notch.


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