Take Over Social Media for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Social media takeovers are one of the most popular campaign strategies happening in the world of digital marketing today. From celebrities to micro-influencers, brands of all sorts and sizes are using social media’s favorite users to promote their products or services and for good reason. Social media takeovers are a great way to expand your reach and engage new followers, promote your brand and increase your customer base.


So how do you get started planning a social media takeover? The first step is deciding who will do it. If you think celebrities are the only ones who can pull off successful takeovers, think again. Most social media users love getting a glimpse at what a true day in the life is like for others, and that includes behind the scenes looks at what happens each day at their favorite brands.

Keeping that in mind, consider selecting an employee to take over for a day. Employees understand your brand better than anyone and are most likely to stay true to your brand’s voice during a takeover. Plus, you’re already paying them which means it won’t cost any more money out of your pocket for their time spent taking over.  If they’re passionate about your brand, your followers will feel that which means they’ll also get more excited about what your brand has to offer. If your first employee takeover is successful, you can add it to your list of go-to quarterly marketing strategies.

If employee takeovers simply don’t work for your business or you’re looking for a different direction for your campaign, consider the micro-influencers in your area. Micro-influencers are people who have a significant region or genre specific following but are not A-list influencers like those dreaded Kardashians or the Biebs. Think podcasters, local tv and radio personalities, or established field experts. For instance, if you’re a home construction brand, consider asking a partnering interior designer or locally popular home decorator to take over your social media for a day. If you’re in the food industry, look towards your local “celebrity” chefs.

What and Why?

Choosing the right person for your takeover will likely influence the focus of your takeover or vice versa. If you already know that you want the takeover to promote a certain item, sale or event, then the person you choose should be a great promoter and probably an influencer or celebrity. Some might say choosing the purpose of the takeover should be your first step and we won’t disagree. But sometimes you know who you want to take over before you know what content they’ll push. If they’re a partner or someone you trust, you may appreciate having their input while planning out your content. Still, it helps to have somewhat of an idea of what you want to promote. Here are the most popular types of takeovers:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Q&A’s with experts
  • Event or sales promotion
  • Product promotion


The next step is to schedule a date and time for the takeover. You’ll need to coordinate with your influencer for this step and then plan a strategy to promote the takeover in the weeks and days leading up. Ask your influencer if they will be an active part of promoting the campaign by filming a live video or ad, or if you’ll just use name and images during the promotion.

Ideally, you want your influencer to actively promote the takeover with a coordinated ad or live video, as well as through their own social media channels. The best way to convince your influencer to take even more time out of their schedule for this campaign is to come up with a strategy in which the takeover benefits you and the influencer. Other than cold, hard cash, consider offering free swag for your influencer and perhaps one of their followers. Money’s nice but free gifts are icing on the cake.


What social channel you’ll use for the takeover is as important as who will be taking over. Each channel holds its own set of rules and expectations from users and it’s important to choose the one that best represents your brand and your influencer. You may even use that channel to snag your influencer! That’s exactly how the LA Kings hockey team convinced Parks and Rec actress/comedian Retta to live tweet during an upcoming game and we think its the perfect way to convince your influencer to come on board. They’ll not only hear from you but yours and their followers as well. Plus, we all know how hard it is to say no to something when everyone is watching. Why do you think so many marriage proposals are public? Less chance the proposed will run away screaming.

Set Expectations

Before you send your influencer in with guns a-blazing, be sure to set some guidelines for do’s and don’t’s and what you’ll expect from the takeover. Decide on what type of images you’d like them to take and what type of conversation is and is not allowed. Think about your audience during this stage. Inform your influencer about the conversations that engage your followers and what turns them off. For instance, you may advise your influencer to refrain from talking about a political or social issue or mentioning a competing brand.  

Now that you know what it takes to pull off a successful takeover, it’s time to figure out if you’ve got what it takes to make it happen. The good news is, even if you lack confidence in yourself in creating a successful campaign, we happen to know of a great consulting firm to partner with for your marketing strategy. We’re talking about us, of course! Learn how Momentum Consulting can help you with your 2019 marketing goals today by requesting an appointment here.

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