Which Rising Social Media Apps are Right for Sharing Videos with Your Target Audience?

Which Rising Social Media Apps are Right for Sharing Videos with Your Target Audience?

Facebook continues to be the number one social media app in the world in 2020 and we don’t see that changing anytime soon but Facebook definitely isn’t the only platform your target audience is using in the new decade. As video and visual content, in general, continue their reign at the top of favorite choice content, platforms popular for posting videos like Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter aren’t going anywhere either in 2020 or the foreseeable future and new apps like TikTok are steadily rising in popularity. So which platforms should your business be using to share video and reach your target market? Take a quick dive into each of today’s most popular social media platforms to find out. 


Facebook is still everyone’s favorite social site for good reason. It’s relatively easy to learn and navigate, even for newer users. You can post all types of content including long and short-form video and Facebook has a knack for cloning the most-loved features of other popular apps, like SnapChat’s Story mode and visual filters. Their latest app, Lasso, is their answer to one of 2019’s fastest-rising social platforms, TikTok. Between short videos for ads and Live and pre-created videos for organic posting, Facebook is your catch-all for marketing video posting. 


Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is great for posting live video and short-form video. But if you want to keep up with top Instagram marketers in your area, you’ll need to invest quite a bit of time and your marketing budget into making creative, visually appealing videos for both Stories and Feed. Don’t misunderstand, video marketing is a great way to spend and should be a major part of your marketing budget, but you should be aware that Instagram videos are often heavily edited and full of features. The style of videos and where you post should be based on your target audience. Most users on Instagram are between the ages of 18 and 29. That’s not to say you’re wasting your time if your target audience is older. More and more adults over 30 are getting on Instagram every day. Your video marketing budget, however, may be better spent on a network that reaches a larger scope of your target audience.


Over 70 percent of SnapChatters are under 35 and 23 percent aren’t even old enough to graduate high school. However, over half of new SnapChat users are over the age of 25 and that number is growing constantly. You might know SnapChat as that app with the funny filters all the kids use and you would be correct. But SnapChat is also the original home of Stories and it eventually took the place of Vine, the first social app for short-form video. If you like to go live for business events or for sharing quick tips to reach a younger audience (hello, medical clinics who want to encourage the younger crowd to care more about their health), SnapChat could be a great fit. 


Want an app that makes creating cute, fun short-form videos easy? TikTok is your app! But before you hit the AppStore to download it, ask yourself, is your audience younger than 30? If not, TikTok isn’t worth your time–yet. While TikTok is currently only a hit with the younger crowd, it was Apple’s most-downloaded app in 2019 and the number of users jumping aboard the TikTok train is growing faster than the rate of growth Instagram experienced in its younger years. It may not be time to add TikTok to your marketing strategy just yet, but its definitely an app to keep your eye on in the coming future.

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