Understanding the Top 5 Metrics in Your B2B Social Media

Understanding the Top 5 Metrics in Your B2B Social Media

Many B2B companies along with non profit organizations and small businesses start their marketing efforts with social media. Why wouldn’t they? It costs little more than time to set up and update a social media account.

Now that we are a decade into social media and the competition for engagement, clicks and likes grows stronger every day, many of those same companies and organizations are going back to the drawing board. Is social media really working for them? Can it work for them or should they be buying advertising on social media? Where do they go from here?

Before you can make a full evaluation of your social sites, you need to know what you’re looking for. You can search through Twitter and Facebook analytics, but not really come out with any plan for moving forward if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We’re breaking down the most important analytic terms, what they mean and why they are important to your B2B social media marketing evaluation.

Followers: Pretty obvious, right? On Facebook it may be likes and on Twitter followers, but these are the people who have expressed an interest in your page. Pay close attention to which months you gain or lose followers. You may be posting content people aren’t interested in seeing or posting too often or not often enough.

Reach: Twitter calls it impressions, and Facebook calls it reach. These are the number of eyeballs that see each post you’ve put out. What percentage of your followers are actually receiving your content? If the percentage isn’t high, consider posting a different times of the day to see which posts get the most reach or impressions. (Hint: Facebook analytics will tell you the time of day when most of your followers are viewing Facebook.)

Facebook Social Media Metrics B2B Companies

Engagement: Engagement may be someone clicking on your post to view the whole thing or clicking a link, watching a video or looking at the full view of a picture. The term also includes shares and likes. Facebook rewards companies and organizations with high engagement posts with more reach. Take stock of the posts with the highest engagement and lowest engagement. Do you see a pattern? Are you giving people an opportunity to engage with links back to your B2B website?

Demographics: What’s the age and gender of most of your followers on each social network? If it varies (and it usually does), consider creating different content for each network. You should be doing this anyway, but often people will link many of their social sites together as they get started until they figure out what each audience needs.

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Clicks: Ultimately, you want to send people from your social networking sites to your website. How often are you posting links to your website? What kind of content are you posting with the link? Is it working? Can it work better?

Reviewing these metrics every month gives you an overall sense of what needs to change and what works. If you’re just reviewing these metrics for the first time, go back at least 12 months to see how those metrics have changed over time. Make a few notes and consider what changes you want to make to see social media work better for your company.