Importance of Organic Facebook Content for Local Businesses

Importance of Organic Facebook Content for Local Businesses

Since Facebook reduced organic page reach a lot of small businesses wonder if it’s even worth the time to create organic content. In truth, it depends. Your Facebook page now reaches only 5-10% (if you’re really lucky) of your followers. If you’re spending hours creating Facebook content, you might find more productive and lucrative ways to spend to your time. Or you could make the most of a difficult situation.

Be Realistic About Your Goals

You can’t pay the light bills or take your family on an exotic vacation with Facebook likes. Unless you’re turning those likes into engagement and then into sales, those numbers may be for your own vanity. So what’s the point in having a social media page? It’s all about supporting your customer. 

If your goal is to sell products or drive leads through social media, you’re going to have to spend some money on ads. We’ll talk a little more about that in a minute. Those ads will drive interest which leads more people to your social media page. If you’re lacking content on your page or your organic content is vastly different from your paid content, your prospects will move on without a second thought. 

Your organic content should support your paid content, and it should provide a communications outlet for your current customers. Many customers, especially younger demographics, will do anything to avoid making a phone call. Your Facebook page offers a direct line to your customer service through Facebook Messenger. The same can be said for Twitter and Instagram. If your social media page content is two years old, your customers may skip right over that communications channel because they don’t think you’re monitoring it.

Think of your social media page as an opportunity to showcase your company, your talents, and your customer service. Your organic content may contain calls to action, but don’t count on it driving the most leads.

Create Easy Organic Content

If your organic content isn’t driving sales, then it may not be the place you want to invest a lot of time or money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a video you’ll only show on your social media page once, consider using that video in a paid ad, highlight it on your website, and create a YouTube page where all your videos can live and be searched. The same goes for those amazing graphics you’re paying to have created, only instead of YouTube consider Pinterest as another place to display those.

Reduce your time creating graphic content by using templates on sites like Customize those to use your logo and brand colors. Spend more time and money on the graphics and videos for your paid ads where more people will see them.

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Increased Engagement Increases Reach

To make the most of your organic page posts make engagement a priority. You may increase engagement through posting memes or inspirational sayings that relate indirectly to your business. While these posts won’t lead to sales, they will help increase reach for the calls-to-action that do increase sales. 

You can also increase engagement by asking your followers questions. Popular options include the either/or questions like “would you rather eat your BBQ with slaw or without?”

Spend Money to Make Money

Whether your organic social media posts are getting traction or not, your followers are on social media. To reach them, you’re going to have to spend a little bit of money. This article on Social Media Examiner suggests boosting every post on your Facebook page for $10 for an entire month. It’s an interesting concept that we’re testing right now.

You may not want to boost every post. That really popular post of your lab tech’s retirement party isn’t something you want to pay to promote. While it offers a great glimpse into your company’s culture, it won’t likely result in increased business. Save your dollars for posting links to articles on your own website, original videos you created, and calls to action.

Once you’ve boosted several posts, you can see what content performs the best and customize that content. You can also create custom audiences to reach people with ads who liked specific content. For instance, if you own a flooring store and you boost a video demonstrating how to lay laminate flooring you can build a DIY audience based on people who watched 25% or more of that video. Then you can retarget ads about new laminate flooring or a sale on laminate flooring only to those folks who you know are interested. 

 Organic social media content isn’t what it once was, but it’s not irrelevant either. If you need help generating some content ideas or managing your organic and paid content, call Hilary at 662-416-8674. We’re always happy to brainstorm with you.