5 Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2020

5 social media trends to watch for in 2020

5 Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2020

As I write this we are over halfway through 2019 and the dawn of a new year and decade is all but shining. When I think back over the last 10 years, 2010 doesn’t seem all that long ago but my, how things have changed in our world! First, we survived yet another end of the world date (2012), experienced one of the most controversial U.S. Presidential elections in history and watched the Brexit happen across the pond (2016). We cried when Thanos snapped half of the Avengers and the universe out of existence during Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, then cheered when Earth’s mightiest heroes and the rest of the universe returned with Iron Man’s reverse snap in Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

While all of that happened in the real and cinematic world, the digital world was experiencing rapid changes that redefined the way the entire world works. Social media giant Facebook continued its domination of social platforms while new apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat emerged. 

With the emergence of these new social platforms and the constant perfection of smartphones, tablets and the apps that make us glued to them 24/7, businesses of all sorts and sizes changed the way their marketing and sales strategies to keep up. So what social media trends will usher us into the next decade of new wonders and innovations? We’ve identified five trends we guarantee you’ll see in the upcoming year.

Live Video Remains King

The President of AdRoll, Scott Gifis, predicts the live-streaming industry to be worth more than $70 billion by 2021. Today, everyone from your grandma to your teacher who sells skincare on the side uses live stream to share a story. This trend continues gaining momentum especially with the expected increase of immersive technology. 

Speaking of Immersive Technology…

Expect to see more buzz about this trend as 2020 progresses. With increased accessibility of artificial reality and virtual reality, they’ll become the next big trend in marketing.

Investing in Social Ads is a Must

According to SocialMediaStrategiesSummit.com, one in four businesses used paid social advertising in their marketing strategy and that number is expected to increase as we go into 2020. Today the question is not “is social advertising worth it?” but rather, “how can we make the most out of social advertising?” Industry experts like Hootsuite CMO Penny Wilson say the way to do this is by “equivalent investment in time, creativity, and targeting savvy.” 

Social TV Soars

Thanks to the success of Facebook Watch, IGTV, and improved mobile video technology, watching both short and long-form videos on the go is a hot trend that will continue to bring the heat in 2020. IGTV’s new mobile first, long form video feature for marketers will give this trend an added boost. If you’re not preparing to implement social tv into your marketing strategy, now’s the time to get on board. 

Private Groups Make Social Marketing More Personal

One of my favorite ways to occupy my ears while I’m churning out content for Momentum is to listen to true crime podcasts. You might call me a true crime junkie, which is funny because my favorite podcast is Crime Junkie, which features two 30-something female friends named Ashley and Britt discussing some of the most popular, baffling and appalling true crime cases in history. I follow Crime Junkies on Facebook through their page and their private fan group. Their page is a place to share announcements, quick updates on featured cases or upcoming events like CrimeCon and live shows. But their private group, well, that’s where you want to be to participate in deep, gritty discussions about featured cases with fellow listeners and even the Crime Junkies themselves. 

This strategy doesn’t just work for podcasts, it works for all businesses. Your private groups are the perfect place to personally interact with customers through discussion posts and the groups offer a place to ask questions and learn about other customer experiences.

Bonus Trend: Have you noticed that Facebook pages and groups share a lot more information about who’s running the show than they did a year ago? That’s because more consumers are seeking transparency and trust in the companies they give their business. More consumers research social and online reviews before making a purchase today than ever before and if your company’s reputation is less than stellar, it’s time to make some improvements. 

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