3 Things We Found From Testing Images on Facebook and Instagram Ads

3 Things We Found From Testing Images on Facebook and Instagram Ads

3 Things We Found From Testing Images on Facebook and Instagram Ads

Successful Facebook ads require strategy and maintenance. Over the last six years, we’ve run hundreds of Facebook and Instagram ads. Before we create a client’s next set of ads, we review what worked and what didn’t for our last set of ads and even similar ads we ran a year earlier. We apply what we’ve learned from all our clients’ ads to make everyone’s campaign stronger. Now we’re sharing what we’ve learned with you.

Images perform better than graphics

Earlier this year, we designed a really, really cute graphic for one of our clients. It included all the elements to draw the eye and thrill our client’s prospects. We created a second ad using a stock photo. The ads had the same headline and content, only the image was different. To our surprise, the stock photo garnered 3.5x as many clicks as the graphic and reached almost 2x as many people. 

What we’re doing differently: Our client’s audience has spoken. From now on, we’re ditching all the cute graphics (as heartbreaking as it is) and serving up more realistic photos. 

Carousel images [may] perform better than static images

We’re constantly testing new ad formats and creatives to ensure our clients get the most bang for their buck. Over the last few weeks we’ve run carousel ads for two of our clients. For one client, carousel ads cost half as much, garnered 3x as many clicks, and reached 1.5x as many people. For a second client, a carousel ad received zero engagement while the static ad garnered a lot of clicks.

What we’re doing differently: We’re continuing to test carousel ads. For clients and products where they work well, we’ll continue to run them. For clients whose audience prefers one image, we’ll adjust our creative to fit the audience’s preferences. And that’s why you should test everything to see what works for your audience. 

Sick vs Well people

What a weird headline. We work with a lot of medical clinics. Nobody wants to be reminded they are sick. The generally accepted rule when advertising medical clinics is to use happy, healthy people because it reminds your patients they will be happy and healthy after their visit with you. We tested our ads to see if that’s true. For most of our ad sets, well families outperformed someone sneezing or coughing with 2x as many clicks and 1.5x as many impressions. 

What we’re doing differently: We use a lot of happy people in our ads. On occasion, we’ll throw in an image of someone coughing or sneezing or caring for a sick child to confirm our well family images continue to perform the best.

We always create two images for every ad set. If we need to test the creative on different audiences, we will also create two ad sets. It takes a little more time to launch multiple ads, but the date you receive in return makes the work worth it. Facebook rewards ads that receive more engagement by lower the cost to run those ads. Plus the more people who see and engage with your ad the more people are likely to buy your product or use your service. 

If you aren’t sure whether your Facebook and Instagram ads are working as hard as they could be, give Hilary a call at 662-416-8674. We’ll help you create engaging ads that grow your business.