Six types of Marketing Videos

Let’s talk marketing videos. Videos are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. From TV spot ads to how-to and explainer videos for your website, marketing videos offer a powerful way to connect with your target audience. Take a look at seven effective types of marketing videos you should consider using to reach your business growth goals. 

TV Spot 

TV spot ads are perhaps more costly than other types of marketing videos but this tried-and-true method is worth the return on investment. One way to make the most of your budget is to create a spot video that’s short enough to also run on Facebook and Instagram. A 15-30 second video is sufficient for all platforms and offers plenty of time for your ad’s message. Since spot ads can be costly to produce, save these types of videos for special sales and events. 


How-to videos are the perfect way to establish yourself and your brand as an expert in your niche. How-to’s work great on a number of platforms, from your website’s blog to Facebook Watch and YouTube. How-to videos look different for various brands. A makeup brand would use a makeup application demonstration to connect with their audience but that wouldn’t work for, let’s say, a cabinet company. Instead, a cabinet builder might show how to clean different types of countertops. How-to videos can be budget-friendly if you have a good camera (yes, a phone with a high-quality camera works) and a willing volunteer to be the videographer. If you’re going to produce the video yourself, we suggest writing out a script to help you stay focused The best how-to vidoes are short, sweet, and to the point. 

Introduction Videos

From your new business to yourself to your staff, introduction videos help you connect with your audience on a personal level. Introductory videos don’t need to be long but they should be creative. Avoid sitting in front of a camera reading a short biography about yourself or your business. Instead, think of introduction videos like a video self-portrait. Don’t just tell your audience who you are, show them. If the introduction includes a personal bio, show shots of yourself or your employees spending time with family or doing a favorite hobby. Remember, though, personal bios are great but the introduction should still focus on what you or your employee bring to the business. 

Origin Stories

Origin story videos are somewhat like introduction videos, only they focus solely on your business or product’s beginning and offer a bit more detail than the overall introduction of the company. These videos can be a bit longer than most marketing videos and work well on your company website, Facebook Watch and IGTV, YouTube, and your blog. 

New Product 

What better way to show off a new product to audiences far and wide than with video. Your video might include an introduction of the product and/or a demonstration of how it works. New product videos work well on a number of platforms including the product’s page on your website, your website’s blog, Facebook Watch and IGTV, YouTube, and even as a tv ad. 

Explainer Videos

An explainer video simply explains your business, product, or service to your audience. These types of videos work particularly well for businesses whose products or services aren’t really understood by most people. A good example of a business whose services are often misunderstood is Aflac. Aflac is commonly mistaken for an insurance company but it’s actually an insurance supplement company. So, during many of their commercials, Aflac explains what they actually do. You don’t have to take out a tv spot for explainer videos. Your website and social media pages are the perfect spots for these videos. 


GIFs are a series of images or a soundless video that plays on a continuous loop. And nothing says we have fun in the business to your social media audience like a GIF. GIFs are an enjoyable way to promote a sale, event, contest, or product. You can even make a GIF of your logo. GIFs work best on social media platforms. 

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