Seven Benefits of Hosting a Guest Blogger

Guest-blogging on someone else’s website offers a plethora of benefits such as introducing your business to a new audience, expanding your network, and establishing yourself as an authority in your business. But what about the benefits of hosting a guest blogger on your website? As it turns out, hosting a guest blogger is just as beneficial as being a guest blogger. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at our top seven benefits of hosting a guest blogger on your website. 

Introduces Your Business to a New Audience

If your guest blogger is promoting their guest posts to their own audience, you’ll have a host of new website visitors because of your guest. Since guest bloggers typically work in the same or a similar business as yours the audience they bring with them could very well become new customers, which means you’re not only getting a new audience, you’re getting a high-quality audience with great potential lead generation. 

Generates High-Quality Traffic/Qualified Leads

We’re at risk of repeating ourselves a bit but driving traffic and generating new leads and sales is the whole reason for your website, right? So again, a guest blogger typically brings along a new audience, an audience that’s already interested in your business. If they are following a guest blogger in your business to different blogs that likely means the audience is more interested in your business than most and have the greatest potential to become a customer. 

Enhances Your Business’s Reputation/Authority

One of the best ways to improve your Google ranking is by improving your business’s authority as an expert in your field. Hosting other guest bloggers who are experts in your field is an excellent way to prove your own authority to Google. 

Expands Your Network

With your guest blogger’s audience usually comes a few new networking opportunities. Expanding your network is essential to growing your business and networking online often produces opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

Builds Backlinks

Building backlinks is essential to your website’s SEO. A backlink is a link to your website on another web resource. A guest blogger should link back to your blog on their own website, social media pages, and occasionally other websites, as well. 

Brand Mentions on Social Media

Increasing brand awareness on social media is a powerful way to introduce your brand to a new audience and improve traffic to your website. Social media is where most website traffic begins if it’s not with a Google search. Your brand should get a mention each time a guest blogger promotes their guest post on their social media pages. 

A Bonus Tip for Hosting Guest Bloggers

Many of the benefits of hosting a guest blogger are only beneficial if your guest is doing their part. When you’re planning the blog with your guest be sure to clearly explain your expectations and the terms of your collaboration. Include your expectations for how they will promote the blog such as social media promotions, brand mentions, and backlinks. Your guest blogger may ask you to guest blog on their website in return or offer another form of collaboration. You want the collaboration to benefit you and your guest and understanding each other’s expectations and the desired outcome is the best way to ensure that happens. 

Guest blogging is just one of many options for growing your website’s traffic and establishing your business as an authority in your field. Learn more about guest blogging and how to reach your website’s maximum potential by requesting a free half-hour consultation with Hilary at

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