Separate Locations, Separate Social Accounts: The Pros and Cons

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We hear this question all the time. “Should I have multiple medical clinic social media accounts for multiple locations?” Our answer: It depends. We see the pros and cons of both options. Take Disney for instance. They have several accounts for their difference presences and they are incredibly successful. On the other hand, some brands see difficulty maintaining identity with multiple social media accounts (especially if they don’t have a Disney-like marketing department or budget). So what should you do? Here’s breakdown of the pros and cons of separate social accounts.


While Disney’s example isn’t what everyone should follow, it does present some positives to take into account.

Local Searching

Most of the searches performed today are locally based. That means people want to find the exact location they are searching for, and having separate social accounts based on location will provide that.

Better SEO

More social pages, means more opportunity for SEO search results. In fact, the more sites you are connected with, the more opportunity you have to appear in local search results.

Tailored Content

When separated by location, you have the opportunity to tailor your content specifically to that location. Want to write about seasonal allergies in your area (and include your medical clinic as a resource in the article)? No problem! This option offers a ton of versatility.

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While the pros are nice, there are some not-so-good factors to consider regarding separate medical clinic social media accounts.


Managing one social media page can be a hassle. Depending on how many locations you have, several social accounts could present a time-consuming problem.


Oh, those social media trolls. One aspect to consider is the opportunity for people to leave reviews as well as the need for you to respond to them.


Maintaining your voice and message can be difficult when you are spread across so many different platforms. It takes extra effort to ensure that no matter where a person lands, you are providing the same, consistent message.

So what’s the consensus? It’s complicated. Social media marketing can be tricky. If your clinic has multiple locations within the same city, we might recommend sticking to one location. But if you have clinics spread across an entire state, it would be wiser to separate your social accounts based on location. It’s more work, but it pays off in the end.

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