Redesigning Momentum Consulting: Our Whys and Hows

momentum room with logo

Thirteen years ago I launched Momentum Consulting with goals toward helping small and mid-sized businesses create and implement consistent marketing strategies. I’d worked with local businesses for years, watched their struggles, and celebrated their success. Most advertising and marketing agencies at the time focused on enterprise-level service which wasn’t really accessible to small businesses. I wanted to change that.

Within a few months of launching, I realized that the pain point most businesses felt had to do with social media and online marketing. In 2008 those were still emergent technologies. We were all learning as we went.

We’ve been honored to work with over a hundred different businesses in the last thirteen years. Social media, technology, the internet, and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic have turned marketing and advertising on its head. Together we’ve navigated some tumultuous waters with our clients and watched their companies grow despite the challenges.

One of my most common analogies when speaking with clients and prospects is to compare their website design to interior design. Over time trends change. What was once a functional, in-style room becomes outdated and cluttered. The same goes for a website. 

Earlier this year, we decided to take our own advice and update our website. As we were planning those changes, I kept looking back at our logo. The classic font once really represented who we were. The dark blue and kelly green represented both trust and growth–two ideals we wanted our clients to find in us. And those swooshes under the M symbolized moving us forward.

In many ways, we’re still the company we were thirteen years ago. I’m hands-on with all our clients. We strive to return emails and phone calls quickly (usually the same day). And we work really hard to absorb the voice of our clients so our work for them sounds like it’s written in-house.

At the same time, we’ve changed. Our strategies are focused more on digital marketing than traditional (although we continue to place and create traditional ads for our clients). We’re constantly keeping up to date with new technologies. And we’ve fine-tuned how we create strategies for our clients.

We wanted to make sure our logo and brand represented all these new parts of us. Logo design is a unique aspect of graphic design. We were thrilled to work with Josh Heriot at Heriot Creative on the design of our new logo. 

Josh pushed me to think through who I wanted our company to be. Not who I am personally, but who Momentum Consulting is. Who do we want to be for our clients? What do we want people to think when they see our logo?

It’s a part of working “on” our business not just “in” our business that entrepreneurs are prone to neglect. An outside eye and ear presses us to focus on the health of our business sometimes when we’re just seeing the work ahead. We provide that same pressing forward for our clients that Josh and Heriot Creative provided for us.

The process took longer than it should have because I drug my feet a little. After all, working “in” my business takes time away from the work on the business. But it’s a necessary process, and I’m glad Heriot Creative stuck with us through it.

You can see in our new logo the swoosh is still there, and we’re still actively using some of the same colors in a little different hue. This time the swoosh is pointed up, which is exactly where we’re headed, and we’re taking all our clients with us.

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