Recycling Blog Posts into B2B Emails


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When you first begin your new inbound marketing campaign, we usually recommend you start by writing and publishing one blog post per week, creating an editorial calendar for your social media so that your posting at least once a day, and sending an email to your contacts at least once a month. After you start creating your own B2B website content, you’re probably going to realize that creating new content can be difficult and time consuming at times. You may even be saying to yourself, “I’m not a writer! My worst subject in school was English! How am I supposed to run my business if I’m writing all this stuff?”

This is where recycling comes in. No, I don’t mean like plastics and cans, I mean recycling content. When you recycle a piece of content, you  dress it up or change the format so that it can be viewed by a different audience. If you can reconfigure the B2B blogs you have already written into emails, you will be able to get the most out of your work. Recycling can also help you to reach customers where they are with the medias that they use and let you test out which types of content your ideal buyer prefers.

1.Curate your evergreen content. Evergreen content is and will remain relevant long after it has been published. Because evergreen content is always timely, you can dress it up and use it over and over. Just because it was written over two years ago doesn’t mean it won’t be new to somebody.  

2.Use B2B emails to inform your subscribers when a new blog post comes out. You can automatically send your B2B email subscribers to your new blog posts when you publish them. Some of them may want to hear from you, but may be too busy to check out your blog. You can do them a favor by taking them directly to it in an email!

3.Create a newsletter. A newsletter is a great place for timely cont ent like popular industry news and updates. Some of your email subscribers may not know about your most popular articles.  Add snippets from several of your blogs into your newsletter, and encourage your readers to learn more by linking to your blog.

If you have a business, you will have to write whether it’s blogs posts, answering emails, or just memos. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so don’t think of recycling content as cheating. Think of it as using your content to its fullest potential. It allows you to squeeze every drop of work you put into it.




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