Protect Your Facebook Business Page from Hackers

Multiple local businesses have experienced the pain of having their Facebook Business Page hacked over the last several months. These experiences left business owners without access to their Facebook page which is the least amount of damage done. Other businesses lost money when ads they did not purchase were charged to their account and potential clients were unable to reach them.


Don’t think this can’t happen to your account. None of these businesses were fortune 1000 companies. They were small companies that support the community and their families through their work. One of them was our client.


Facebook has created multiple ways to protect your business page. It’s not perfect, but it offers at least some protection. 


Two-factor Authentication

The very first thing you can do to protect your Facebook Business Account is to turn on two-factor authentication. This notifies you when a new device logs into your account. Read through Facebook’s instructions on how to turn on this protection.


Your Password

I hate creating new passwords, so I understand how frustrating this can be. A strong password, however, protects your personal and business account. Your business Facebook page does not have its own password. It depends on the strength of your personal page’s password. If you haven’t changed it in the last six months, do it now. Use a password you aren’t using somewhere else. Include all the usual things: lower and upper case letters, numbers, and a symbol.


Facebook Business Manager

If you aren’t using Facebook Business Manager to manage your account, now’s the time to start. You can set up two-factor authentication for the business manager as well as your personal page. You can grant specific access to people who need to post to your page or manage ads and revoke that access easily. Start by going to Facebook Business Manager. Once you’ve created the account, add your business page and business ad account to the manager.


Multiple Admins

If you are the only person with access to your business page and your personal page is hacked, you have a mess. By creating multiple admins, you have someone else who can manage your business page if your personal page is hacked. Only add people you trust. If you’re the sole owner consider adding a trustworthy family member or friend. Add them through the business platform which limits the chances they will accidentally post something to your business page. Require them set up two-factor authentication as well.


Third-Party Apps

Finding out which Disney princess you are most like or seeing a cartoon version of yourself is loads of fun, but those apps offer a portal for hackers. You can remove those third-party apps by going into your Settings and Privacy. You’ll likely be surprised who has access to your account through these apps. You can turn on or off access and delete apps if needed.


Get Help

Stop looking for a phone number to call Facebook and ask for help. You won’t find one. Most of Facebook’s “help” for your issues is limited to form answers. Small businesses whose business accounts are hacked or stolen will likely be met with the suggestion to just start another page. One last option before going that route is to reach out through the help center.



Worst case scenario, you may have to restart your Facebook account and business page. If you have a website, you have a presence where people can reach you if your social media accounts aren’t available. We also recommend that businesses keep an email marketing list. This allows you to send an email invite to your new page or target past customers using Facebook ads.


When you work with a digital marketing agency, you benefit from having additional admins on your account and someone to work with you when problems arise with your social media account. Let us help you move your social media marketing forward. Start with a consultation with Hilary.


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