Pinterest vs. Houzz: Choosing the Best for Your Home Improvement Co.

Pinterest vs Houzz and your home builder marketing planYou’re the owner of a home improvement company seeking to bolster your online image. You know that a presence on social media can keep you in touch with customers and posting pictures of your quality work can establish trust with those customers by making you look like the expert in your field. You also know that both Pinterest and Houzz offer image driven platforms for promoting your work. The question remaining is which platform would be the best for your business? To help answer this question, we have outlined the pros and cons of both platforms based on their ability to connect you with your customers.



This huge social media platform allows users to upload, save, sort, and manage images and videos. It boasts a ranking as the third most popular social media platform with 48.7 million users spending an average of 15.8 minutes browsing the site a day!

Because the site reaches a broad audience, it has the potential to direct traffic to your website. In 2012, this site drove greater traffic to Websites than LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, and YouTube combined.

We’ve seen our client’s pins send up to seven times more traffic to their website than Facebook does. So we know when it comes to real home improvement businesses and Mississippi businesses, this site has value.


This site not only reaches a large audience, it also covers a variety of topics and not just home design. People add pins about exercise, fashion, hair styles, cars, and pets everyday with the most popular content category being food related. This means that the people who get to your website from here are less likely to be actually interested in home improvement, less likely to stay on your website, and less likely to convert to leads.

This site also offers no way for you to communicate with potential or existing customers. It offers a comment section on pins and allows you to direct people to your website through a link, but that is all you can do. Also, forget about connecting with local customers. You can post about local events and interest, but you can’t filter posts by location which means no one will be able to find them.

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Houzz also allows users to browse and save images, but it’s is unique in that it is focused on interior design and home improvement. Idea books on the site are created by users but the content is uploaded by professionals. This means that the people who use this site are actively seeking advice from people that know what they’re doing. Creating a robust and well-built profile offers you the chance to establish yourself as a professional and gain the trust of your customers.

This platform is also much more versatile in the communication services it offers! It fosters communication through discussion boards, forums, comments, and reviews. The site also allows you to connect and communicate with customers on a local level.  Sixteen-million home improvement professionals in the US have accounts and are connected with customers in their area every day. Because the visitors this site directs to your website are actively seeking help with their home improvement endeavors, they are more likely to stay on your website and convert to into leads.

Local Mississippi businesses report their best customers routinely bring in pictures they’ve found here when making design decision on new home construction or remodeling. Your home builder marketing plan should be targeting these customers so it’s a great place to build out a full profile.


When comparing these two sites, the only place where this site lacks is in the number of users it has. As mentioned before, Pinterest has 48.7 million users whereas Houzz is much smaller with 14 million users. But because those 14 million users are actively seeking home improvement advice, they are more likely to convert into leads.

To optimize your account also takes more time. This platform offers the options of uploading specific items, descriptions, and pricing. While this increases the value of Houzz, it also increases the time you’ll need to spend keeping your profile up to date.

When you’re creating your contractor marketing plan, you’ll want to consider the options both sites offer to you. As you consider how much time to spend on each, take a close look at these pros and cons. 

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